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Wycombe Abbey School

Lying in the valley of the River Wye and surrounded by the Chiltern Hills, Wycombe Abbey School is an independent girl’s boarding and day school in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Set in 170 acres of spectacular, conservation-listed grounds, the Capability Brown designed landscape offers a safe, protected site and an oasis of calm, ranked as the top all-girls school nationally in academic results.

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Joining Wycombe Abbey School:

There are totally 3 points of entry into Wycombe Abbey School.

  • 11+ for Year 7
  • 13+ for Year 9
  • 16+ for the Sixth form.

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There are three stages of assessment for 11+ Entry:

Stage 1:Assessment Day.

Candidates will go through the assessment process below:

  •  An individual interview with a senior member of staff.
  • Take part in small group activities with different departments.
  • Sit an online aptitude test of verbal, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning.
  • A report from your child’s current school will also be considered.

Conditional offers will be made, subject to11+ Common Entrance Examinations, following the assessment day.

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Stage 2: Entrance Examinations. (11+)

Students who have been made conditional offers will take Common Entrance  11+ papers in 11+ English, 11+Mathematics and 11+ Science. These papers are 

set by the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB).

If your child attends a school registered with ISEB, her school will enter her for the Common Entrance and direct the exams.

On the other hand, if your daughter’s school is not registered, she must be entered for the 11+ Exam directly with the ISEB and takes the 11+ Exam at one of their test centres or a British Council office.

To know more about the Independent Schools Examination Board, have a look at the ISEB article on our site:


Stage 3:Scholarship Examinations.

Following the 11+ Common Entrance papers, selected candidates will be invited to take the Wycombe Abbey Scholarship Examinations. Candidates will sit papers in English, Mathematics and Science as well as a Language Aptitude Test. 

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Education at Wycombe Abbey School:

The UIII-UIV curriculum offers a comprehensive introduction to a wide range of academic, creative and technical disciplines. Girls study English, Mathematics, Science, languages (Latin, Greek and Modern), Computing and Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Studies), Art, Cookery, Design and Technology, Drama and Music. PE and Wellbeing complete the offering and ensure that girls’ emotional, social and physical development are nurtured.

Your children will leave school as confident, articulate, independent young women who can navigate a competitive, global, technology-driven world successfully but who also have the qualities to make a positive difference through the lives they live.

Superb academic outcomes are the hallmark of a Wycombe Abbey education, and girls regularly secure places at the most prestigious universities globally.

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