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What is 11 Plus Exam?

What is 11 Plus Exam?

The eleven-plus (11-plus or 11+ or 11plus) is an examination administered to primary school children in England and Northern Ireland, which governs admission to various types of secondary school. The name derives from the age group for secondary entry: 11–12 years. Most children will only be 10 years old when they take the test.

The qualification rate for the 11 plus test varies considerably. Most of the schools attract several thousand applicants for as few as 120 or 180 places.

The eleven-plus was created by the 1944 Butler Education Act. The examination tests a student’s ability to solve problems using English, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Mathematics. The intention was that it should be a general test for intelligence.

The content of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country but generally it will focus on a combination of the following four subjects:

• English

• Maths

• Verbal reasoning

• Non-verbal reasoning/spatial awareness

There are two different formats for 11+ exam papers:

• Standard format

• Multiple-choice format

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