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Westminster School is one of the renowned schools across the UK. It is known for its academic excellence and innovations. Westminster school has a long history of comprehensive and exceptional scholarships, which helps pupils shape their minds' inquisitiveness and become intellectual beings ready for society.

According to them, ‘The school aims to instil in our pupils a deep love of learning and respect for the tradition of scholarship, as well as an openness to fresh ideas and innovative ways of thinking. Pupils are taught to appreciate and learn from the knowledge of those who came before them. Yet, we also ensure that they have ample opportunity to engage with current political, cultural and academic developments.’

Westminster pupils tend to be present in almost all the fields, from the creative industries to academia to global business and politics, playing their part in shaping the course of history.

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Entry Points:

To enter Westminster School for boys, the age limit is 7, 8 or 11, and for the Great School, it is 13. Both boys and girls may enter the Great School at 16. Applicants can apply for entry at either 11+ or 13+ but not both. Online applications are available at https://www.westminsterunder.org.uk/admissions/entry-points/.

Admission to Westminster Under School is a three-stage process.

ISEB Common Pre-tests: 

Boys who have registered will be invited to the School to sit these electronic assessments for one morning or afternoon during the second half of November at Westminster Under School or at your son’s present school at any point until Friday 27 November 2020. The tests will consist of papers in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning and can only be taken once for all schools applied for.

Written Papers:

Approximately 100 boys are then selected for the next stage in the admissions process. They will be invited back to the School on Saturday 16 January 2021 to take additional written papers in Mathematics and English.

Boys will be tested on their reading and writing skills. This might include comprehensions, descriptive writing activities, short reviews and invitations to continue a passage.


Based on the results of the written papers, we will invite approximately 60 boys back for an interview during the week commencing Monday 1 February 2021. A member of senior staff will interview them.

The application deadline is Wednesday, 7th October 2020.s

The school has Bursary support for the families of promising candidates who cannot afford the fees.  

The school offers scholarships such as Queen scholarship, Music scholarship and other scholarships at different entry points. Please check their website for the details. https://www.westminster.org.uk/admissions/scholarships/

Music Scholarships are popular and are available for students of age 11 with outstanding potential in at least one musical instrument.

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