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Top 100 Independent Schools

Top 100 Independent Schools

If you are looking for the Top Independent Schools in the U.K, their performance and many aspects regarding those schools, 11PluseHelp.co.uk provide deep insights regarding 11 Plus Independent Schools.

Independent Schools in the U.K are academically excellent schools, providing world-class education. An elected board of governors governs these. These are fee-paying schools. They are independent in their finances and do not receive any funding from the government.

The average annual cost for this schooling starts from £14,102 for day school and £32,259 for boarding school. School fees vary from school to school, so please check the school website directly.

There are about 2,600 independent schools in the UK, providing education to over 615,000 students every year. 

Go through the link below to know about the “Benefits of Independent Schools”:


Based on the Percentage, league tables, and GCSE level results in 2018, the UK's Top 100 Independent Schools list is provided below.

We have also listed many aspects of the school on our website 11Plusehelp.co.uk, to make information easily accessible to you. Please register for FREE to access Schools Information.

  •  The number of students
  • Type of the school: Day / Boarding
  • Address
  • Ranking
  •  Board
  • The gender of students
  • Annual school fees
  • School website link
  • School’s registration link
  • School’s admission page link etc

We also provide a List of Top Grammar Schools in the U.K  based on Telegraph’s research. Check out the link below for the List of Top Grammar Schools:


Eton College home page



City of london school for girls home page



St Paul's Girls' School Home Page


Top 100 Independent Schools List

Please click on the school name to see further details.

S.No                 School Name

1                  St Paul’s Girls’ School

2                  Godolphin & Latymer School

3                  St Mary’s School – Ascot

4                  Guildford High School for Girls

5                  Westminster School

6                  North London Collegiate School

7                  King’s College School – Wimbledon

8                  St Paul’s School

9                  Eton College

10                City of London School for Girls

11                Wycombe Abbey School

12                Magdalen College School

13                Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls

14                Perse Upper School

15                Wimbledon High School

16                Hampton School

17                Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree

18                King Edward VI High School for Girls

19                Cheltenham Ladies’ College

20                Highgate School

21                James Allen’s Girls’ School

22                Putney High School

23                Alleyn’s School, Dulwich

24                Lady Eleanor Holles School

25                Sevenoaks School

26                Notting Hill and Ealing High School

27                Winchester College

28                Manchester Grammar School

29                City of London School for Boys

30                Brighton College

31                Withington Girls School

32                Oxford High School GDST

33                South Hampstead High School

34                Royal Grammar School – Guildford

35                Trinity School – Croydon

36                University College School

37                Abbey School – Reading

38                The School of St Helen and St Katharine

39                Concord College

40                Badminton School

41                Tonbridge School

42                Merchant Taylors’ School

43                Wellington College

44                Royal Grammar School – Newcastle

45                Bancroft’s School

46                King Edward’s School – Birmingham

47                St Catherine’s School – Guildford

48                Channing School

49                St Albans High School for Girls

50                Eltham College

51                Downe House School

52                Dulwich College

53                Francis Holland School – Sloane Square

54                Harrow School

55                Headington School

56                Kingston Grammar School

57                Abingdon School

58                Ibstock Place School

59                City of London Freemen’s School

60                Sir William Perkins’s School

61                St Albans School

62                Oundle School

63                Rugby School

64                Stephen Perse Foundation

65                St Swithun’s School

66                Queen’s Gate – Kensington

67                Caterham School

68                Benenden School

69                St Mary’s School – Calne

70                Reigate Grammar School

71                St Helen’s – Northwood

72                Palmers Green High School

73                Loughborough High School

74                Surbiton High School

75                King Edward’s School – Bath

76                Warwick School

77                Epsom College

78                Radley College

79                Howell’s School Llandaff GDST

80                Leicester Grammar School

81                Forest School – London

82                Croydon High School GDST

83                Bablake School

84                St George’s College

85                Ardingly College

86                Bradford Grammar School

87                Charterhouse School

88                Exeter School

89                Burgess Hill Girls

90                St John’s School – Leatherhead

91                Whitgift School

92                Francis Holland School – Regent’s Park

93                Wolverhampton Grammar School

94                Chigwell School

95                King’s High School for Girls

96                The King’s School – Worcester

97                The Grange School

98                Marlborough College

99                King’s School – Canterbury

100              King Edward VI School

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