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GUILDFORD High School for Girls




Miss A Morton started Guildford High School at Haydon Place on the 25 April 1887 with only two pupils for the first two weeks,

But now, it stood in one of the top schools in The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2020. They provide an atmosphere in with the individuals can

  • Be happy
  • Be positive about their own gifts and abilities
  • Maximise potential
  • Think and learn creatively and collaboratively
  • Develop intellectual curiosity and a love of learning
  • Develop the confidence to take appropriate risks
  • Develop the resilience to cope with adversity
  • Become responsible citizens


Want to get a seat in Guildford High School? 

Admissions in Guildford High School for Girls:

There are four entry points to the school. Normal admission is at 4+ and 11+ small intakes at 7+ and 16+. Guildford High School requests parents to visit the campus and meet the faculty before registering for the assessment to know more about the school.

11 Plus Entry at Guildford High School :

Entry at 11 Plus is the most common entry by many students. Nearly 60-75 girls join at year 7. Girls who wish to enter Guildford High School should attend the entrance assessment day conducted at the beginning of January. This is a 2-hour test consisting of English (creative writing and comprehension)   and Mathematics. Each applicant is interviewed for 10 minutes with one of the staff members.

How to crack the 11 Plus exam conducted by Guildford High School for Girls School?

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