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11 plus Algebra is an important life skill for your child worth understanding. It moves your child beyond basic math and prepares them for statistics and calculus. It is beneficial for real-life important jobs for your child to enter into a second career.

Algebra is a computation similar to arithmetic but with non-numerical mathematical symbols. This method of representation allows the general formulation of arithmetic laws.


What is the value of y in the equation :

y = 2x + 4x – 5x ?

y = 6x-5x

y = x

“11 plus Algebra” typically refers to algebraic concepts and problem-solving techniques commonly encountered in exams or assessments designed for students around 11, particularly in the United Kingdom, where the “11 plus” exam is part of some secondary schools’ selective admissions process.

Here’s a detailed explanation of what “11 plus Algebra” might entail:

  1. Basic Algebraic Concepts: Students are introduced to fundamental algebraic concepts such as variables, expressions, equations, and inequalities. They learn to manipulate algebraic expressions and equations using arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  2. Solving Equations: In 11 plus Algebra, students learn various methods for solving equations, including one-step, two-step, and multi-step equations. They practice isolating variables and solving for unknowns using inverse operations.
  3. Word Problems: Algebraic word problems are common in 11 Plus exams. Students learn to translate verbal descriptions into algebraic expressions or equations and then solve them to find unknown quantities. These problems involve distance, rate, time, money, and age.
  4. Patterns and Sequences: Understanding patterns and sequences is essential to 11 plus Algebra. Students learn to identify, extend, and describe patterns using algebraic expressions. They also explore arithmetic and geometric sequences and learn how to find specific terms or the sum of terms in a sequence.
  5. Graphing: While basic graphing may not be extensively covered in 11 plus Algebra, students may be introduced to the concept of plotting points on a coordinate plane and understanding basic linear relationships, such as lines with positive, negative, zero, or undefined slopes.
  6. Problem-Solving Skills: In 11 plus Algebra, students develop problem-solving skills beyond solving equations or simplifying expressions. They learn to analyze problems, identify relevant information, and apply appropriate algebraic techniques to find solutions.
  7. Preparation for Further Study: While 11 Plus Algebra focuses on foundational concepts, it also prepares students for more advanced algebra courses in secondary school and beyond. Students build a solid understanding of algebraic principles that will be essential for their academic journey.


In Algebra, a variable is a symbol (or letter) used to represent an unknown number.

For example, x is a variable in the 12x term.

An expression can be a term or a collection of terms separated by addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division operators.

Some examples of algebraic expressions:

For the term 4x, 4 is the coefficient.

For the term –16y, –16 is the coefficient.

Though it sounds simple, many children struggle to understand algebra concepts. The algebraic operations often confuse them, leaving them lagging. They feel awkward and scared when they cannot catch up with other kids. They cannot ask questions again and again when other children move on. This situation makes them afraid of Algebra. But once they are trained well, nothing is going to stop them.

Here comes comes to their rescue. Make your child follow the concepts and material offered by, and they will get perfected through Algebra and excel in their 11plus Maths Exams perfectly with higher grades. provides algebraic expressions, a list of all basic algebraic formulae, some definitions of algebra, and examples of algebraic expressions for efficient practice for your child.



So, welcomes all concerned parents who want their child to excel in the most important exam of their lives to join us and help their child excel in Algebra efficiently.

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