11 Plus Time and Distance Mock Tests

11 Plus Time and Distance Mock Tests

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Time and Distance are important topics in the 11 plus entrance exams. Many questions are being asked in 11 plus time and distance. So, time, distance, speed-related concepts are very important in many applications.

11 Plus Time and Distance

Consider an object, speed generally how fast or slow that particular object is moving. Time tells about the duration of its motion. Distance tells the path covered by that object. Coming to the relation, speed gives the distance travelled by an object at a particular time.

The relationship between speed, time and distance are:


Distance Speed Time Formulas | List of Distance Speed Time Formulas You Should Know - BYJUS

We can even observe that Speed is directly proportional to Distance and inversely proportional to time.

The standard units for Distance are Meters (m), for Time is Seconds (s), for speed is meters per second (mps).Units are a very important notation.

A number without a unit is just a number as it has some significance with its units. Suppose 100 kmph indicates speed. This quantity is identified as speed due to its units (kmph) only.

Let us see some important conversions in Time, Distance and Speed.

  • 1 km = 1000 m
  • 1 m =100 cm
  • 1 mile = 1.6 km
  • 1 mile = 1760 yards
  • 1 yard = 3 feet
  • 1 feet = 12 inches
  • 1 inch = 2.5 cm
  • 1 hr = 60 min = 3600 sec
  • 1 min = 60 sec
  • 1 kmph = 5/18 mps
  • 1mph = 22/45 yard per sec

The above conversions are useful while solving problems.

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