Wallington High School For Girls

Wallington High School For Girls

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Wallington High School for Girls

Wallington High School for Girls is an all-girls selective grammar school in the London Borough of Sutton, England. It is the sixth form school.


Woodcote Road, Wallington SM6 0PH

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4th Aug 2023

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12th Sept 2020

For the latest up-to-date information, please follow the school website or contact the school staff directly.

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The Sutton Gammar School Selective Eligibility Test is used by six selective schools in and around Sutton as their 11+ entrance exam.

Sutton Selective Grammars Schools:

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Sutton Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar

Wallington High School for Girls

Wilson’s School

Greenshaw High School

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11 Plus Grammar and Independent Schools Achieved:


Sutton Grammar School Mocks SET EXAM

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  • ​Stage 1 test consists of two elements, i.e. an 11Plus-MockExams 11 Plus Maths paper and an 11Plus-MockExams 11+ English paper.
  • Each paper is in a timed multiple-choice style.
  • Each Indicative paper is of 45-minute mock.
  • The content of the 11+ Maths and 11Plus English tests is based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.
  • Candidates should record their answers on a separate multiple-choice answer sheet.

11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration and Exam dates:


11 Plus Grammar and Independent Schools Preparation:


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11 Plus Grammar Schools Maths Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools Maths Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools English Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools English Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools VR Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools VR Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools NVR Sample Papers

11 Plus Grammar Schools NVR Sample Papers

Check out our article to know more about 11 Plus Regions:


11Plusehelp.co.uk some of the Grammar Schools achieved:

List of Grammar Schools

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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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