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The best way to prepare and get ready for any 11Plus Exam is to practice and write the mock exams before appearing in the actual exam. Our 11PluseHelp team already providing you with the online mocks on KENT, GL, ISEB, and topic-wise mock exams on VR, NVR, English, and Mathematics. Now we are providing the Paper Based Mocks on all types of 11-plus exam papers such as GL, CEM, CSSE, KENT, MEDWAY, ISEB, and other topic-wise papers.

11 Plus Paper-based Mock Exams – How it works:

Sample Mock Result Report:

Click on the below link to see how the detailed report is generated subject-wise and topic-wise. We provide a detailed report of all the topics by showing the percentage analysis using pie diagrams.

Sample Report of Mock Exam

Features of Paper-Based Mocks:

  1. Please contact us to conduct any paper-based mocks at your place one week before your mock exam date
  1. We will post mock papers via courier. For each mock, along with question paper, an answer sheet is also provided so that student can mark their answers.

  2. In each mock paper, we are providing a unique id for each mock exam and for each student so that it will be easy for us to monitor and give performance reports for the student for the particular mock exam.

  3. Based on the number of mock papers requested, we will be delivering the question papers to the requested address within 2-3 working days, along with an answer sheet to mark the answers

  4. Once the exam is completed, please send us the marked answers sheets of all students to us through email or WhatsApp, and we will provide you with the reports and performance of students within 2-3 working days.

  5. We will provide the individual report and also the overall performance report of the student so that student can know the average score and his/her individual score comparison.

  6. Report will be available online for students, parents, and Tutors.

  7. Report will be available for access only for 10 days after attempting the exam.


Sample Performance Report:

We have different features which give individual section reports (Maths, NVR, VR and English) and also the OverAll Report Download button, which gives you the complete report in a single click.

Report 11 Plus

The Detailed Report button feature gives the percentage scored based on the correct answers in the respective section and the count of correct, incorrect and unanswered questions. See the screenshot below:

Sample Report

The below chart gives the topic-wise analysis:

Sample Report 2

Question Response:

Question Response

ALL Question Details:

You can view All Questions(both correct and incorrect) using the button All Questions and the student response details for all the questions in all the sections.


Above are only sample reports of one section, we will be providing a detailed report of all sections and subject-wise.

Overall Comparison Report:

We have access to show the overall comparison report only for the tutors, where tutors can view the marks and percentages scored by the students rank-wise.


Overall Comparison Report the button will give the comparison report of your students in a mock exam like the below:

Comparison Report

11 Plus Paper-based Mock Exams – Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I book Mock Exam?

Please send us an email or contact us via WhatsApp on your mock exam requirements.

  1. When will we get the Mock exam results and reports?

Tutors will get the results and reports within 2-3 working days after we receive the marked answer sheets.

Please feel free to contact us on Paper Based Mock’s queries.

Contact us:

Please reach out to us if you are interested.

You can look at our available online resources below:


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