11 Plus Comprehension Tips

11 Plus Comprehension Tips

Comprehension may be a test to determine how well students can understand written or spoken language.

They are reading comprehension measures the level of understanding of a text or passage. The reader must be able to trace out its context and key elements. Fundamental skills required in reading comprehension are knowing the meaning of words and understanding the meaning of a word under the given context.

11 Plus English Comprehension Tips :

  • Sometimes 11 Plus English Comprehension Tips are helpful for reading the questions before the text
  • If you don’t understand a word, read around it and try to understand the context
  • Don’t just stop with simple answers. Depending upon the question marks, try to explain and put your points forward
  • Notice ‘in your own words, ‘with specific reference to the passage’ or ‘use
    evidence from the passage to support your answer’ before answering a question
  • P-E-E => When answering, try to follow the Point, Example, Explanation format
  • Skimming and scanning technique

We have added the following two 11 Plus short comprehensions recently.



11 Plus Tips to score good marks in Comprehension :

  • Try to build vocabulary by reading as many books as possible
  • Reading: Make it a habit. This will not only increase your vocabulary but will also help in understanding comprehension.
  • Use New Words: Use at least 5 new words every day. At school or with family/friends.
  • Vocabulary Note Book: keep a separate notebook for collecting Vocabulary words and revise regularly.
  • Roots: Once you learn a root, you’ll understand more words that use the same root.

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During the Eleven plus English exam, comprehensive skills are tested. The child must thoroughly review the given text passage and answer the questions below related to that comprehension. Each question has the options provided below. The questions may be asked on something related to the text or to test your vocabulary skills, like finding out the meanings of idioms and some unusual words.

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