Essential Vocabulary for 11+ Exam

Essential Vocabulary for 11+ Exam

11 Plus Vocabulary is almost as important as anything else for the students preparing for the 11+ exam.

11 Plus Essential Vocabulary Words is one of the 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning topics. It is one of the most important areas that primary school children need to master to excel in the 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning and creative writing of the 11 Plus English section.

It is also equally important to learn the words frequently repeated in the exam. These words are called 11+ Essential Vocabulary Words.

11 Plus English Vocabulary learning is made easy with all-new Vocabulary My Flash Cards at Our innovative personalized Flash Card feature unveils the power of a child’s subconscious brain to remember new words forever. Our Flash Card feature allows the child to add notes for each vocabulary word in Flash Card. Child can also mark their favourite words to be revisited at any time.

11 Plus Vocabulary – Similar Meanings – Descriptors – Flashcards -Easy way to learn multiple words available @

There are a few Free “Similar Meaning” tests under the “My Flash Cards” menu.








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Here are some of the 11 Plus Essential Vocabulary Words:

Affectionate – Showing fondness or tenderness

Arduous – requiring strenuous effect, difficult

Banish – get rid of

Barren – empty of meaning or value

Brusque – abrupt or offhand in manner

Calamity – a disaster

Cease – come or bring to an end

Develop – grow or cause to grow something

Determine – firmly decide

Emancipate – to set free

Environment – surroundings in which a person operates

Exciting – causing great enthusiasm

Fatigue – Extreme tiredness

Gregarious – sociable

Guarantee – a formal assurance

Handkerchief – a piece of cloth used for sneezing

Incumbent – essential, important

Individual – single; separate

Justice – just behaviour or treatment

Lavish – luxurious

Linger – stay in place longer than necessary

Meticulous – showing great attention to detail

Modest – not large, elaborate or expensive

Nimble – quick and light in movement

Nostalgic – to long for the past

Oblige – make legally or morally bound

Ostentatious – designed to impress

Perceive – become aware or conscious of

Punctual – happening at the right time

Quaint – old-fashioned

Quiet – making little or no noise

Recite – say loud

Ridiculous – absurd

Sanitary – hygienic and clean

Talisman – a lucky charm

Volatile – liable to change rapidly

Weird – unearthly

Yield – produce or generate.

11 Plus English Topics:

You can access the 11 Plus Mock Tests any time at

Vocabulary and Spelling Tests

At, we have many synonyms, antonyms and spelling tests to improve children’s vocabulary and spelling skills.


Create a book for Vocabulary and build words daily and also revise them. Also, practice spelling. Read books to improve your Vocabulary and start using new words with your friends and family. Revise Vocabulary before going to bed and after wake-up. Aim to learn at least 5 or 10 new words per day.

11 Plus Vocabulary – Descriptors

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

11 Plus Vocabulary – Similar Meanings -Antonyms- Descriptors – Easy way to learn multiple words

11 Plus Vocabulary

11 Plus Complete Features

11 Plus Complete Features

The test papers cover different question types, which will help every child clear the entrance exams like CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment and other exams conducted by different grammar schools, Independent schools and other private schools. To meet the entrance exams’ expectations, we have prepared practice test papers on different levels like Easy, Medium and High. By practising the exam papers on these different levels, children can identify their strengths and weaknesses in English papers. has many Eleven plus exam practice tests that help children focus and improve their skills in all subjects.

Latest 11 Plus Independent School papers sample questions

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

“My Flash Card” feature



  1. This is not all of it, it is necessary to combine this 11 Plus Essential Vocabulary Words list with other recommended resources.
  2. In some cases, words will have more than one meaning. If this is the case, learn both meanings.
  3. Never stop learning Vocabulary. It would help you out even in state secondary school, especially grammar schools, independent schools and private schools have a thing for vocabulary.
  4. Don’t stress yourself.
  5. Do plenty of multiple-choice English test papers for practice with different question types.

11 Plus Complete Features:

11 Plus Complete Features

Try to build vocabulary by reading as many books as possible. Reading – make it a habit. This will not only increase your vocabulary but will also help in understanding comprehension.

You can access 1that 1 Plus FREE Papers by visiting the below link:

You can access 11 Plus FREE Sample Papers by visiting the below link:

11 Plus complete solution features:

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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