Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests evaluate children’s problem-solving skills.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning is one of the main parts that challenges you in the 11+ exam. 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning tests your comprehension skills rather than your book knowledge. It is defined as “Understanding and comprehending using concepts formed in words.” With no school teaching these skills to children, it is essential to learn them from other resources.

Verbal Reasoning is a complex area that requires a greater insight into comprehension and analysis.

It is an area that is not included in the school curriculum and thus not taught in the classroom.

Every word in English has more than one meaning, and understanding them is vital to learn vocabulary. To develop vocabulary skills, the child should need to be clear of a word and the different meanings associated with it. has various tests in Verbal Reasoning. These include:

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

11+ Verbal Reasoning tests your skills rather than testing your acquired knowledge. You need to develop the skills to think critically to solve problems and improve your ability to process information to comprehend the concepts formed in words.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topic-Wise Free Practice Tests

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests prepares the child to learn different meanings of the same word only and efficiently by playing FlashCards of Similar Meanings.

11 Plus English Topic-Wise Free Practice Tests

This helps in boosting the Child’s Vocabulary skills and useful in improving Creative writing skills.

Topic wise tests, Mixed type tests, Short tests, Long tests and Mock tests

At, we have many synonyms, antonyms, and spelling tests to improve children’s vocabulary and spelling skills.

11 Plus Maths Topic-Wise Free Practice Tests

There are a couple of Free “Similar Meanings” tests under the “My FlashCards” menu.

Free 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Topic-wise Practice Papers

These tests are useful for the preparation of CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

To know more about our 11 Plus Features, go through this article:

11 Plus Complete Features

Verbal Reasoning makes the brain of a child work in all directions to get a solution. tries its best to make a child perfect in solving analogies, letter sequences, cracking letter and number-based codes, comprehension etc. Verbal reasoning exams are intended to test a child’s ability to understand and reason using words. The scope and content of an 11+ verbal reasoning exam differ from region to region.

Free 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topic-wise Practice Papers

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11 Plus complete solution features:

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