11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Online

11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Online

11+ Verbal Reasoning tests your skills rather than testing your acquired knowledge. You need to develop the skills to think critically to solve problems and improve your ability to process information to comprehend the concepts formed in words.

11 Plus Verbal-Reasoning is one of the main parts that challenges you in the 11+ exam. 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning tests your comprehension skills rather than your book knowledge. It is defined as “Understanding and comprehending using concepts formed in words.” With no school teaching these skills to children, it is essential to learn them from other resources.

11+ Verbal Reasoning Topics

Verbal Reasoning is an area that assesses children’s problem-solving skills when working at speed, and it also tests how efficiently they can process information. As this subject is not taught in primary schools, children may feel strange and get tense for solving this question paper section. Hence a lot of practice is required so that children get familiarised with such types of questions. This will, however, build your child’s confidence.

11 Plus Shuffled Sentences

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning requires understanding, logical thinking and analytical ability to answer the question framed in words using the concepts of reasoning.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers

11plusehelp.co.uk helps your child improve logical thinking and analytical ability by providing many 11 Plus Verbal Practice Tests.


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So, what to expect in the exam?

  • Closest Meaning
  • Completing the word
  • Finding out the hidden word
  • Connecting letters
  • Reading information
  • Following instructions
  • Picking two odd ones
  • Inserting letters. Etc

Free 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topic-wise Practice Papers

These 11 plus tests are useful for preparing for CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, 11 Plus Independent Schools and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations ( 11+ Grammar schools or 11+ Independent schools) in the UK.

To know more about our 11 Plus Features, go through this article:

11 Plus Complete Features

All these practice tests lead to perfect practice so that your child can crack any entrance tests. You can take tests as often as possible and display results immediately.

11 Plus Exam types and skills – CEM vs CSSE vs GL Assessment

We constantly innovate and develop powerful techniques to help the child succeed in eleven plus.

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11 Plus complete solution features:


Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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