The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams

The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams

The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams are most importantly useful for your girl’s 11 Plus Preparation for the entrance of Henrietta Barnett school.

The Henrietta Barnett School :

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The Henrietta Barnett School is a grammar school with academy status primarily for girls in Hampstead Garden Suburb in London. According to The Good Schools Guide, the school is ‘One of the best academic state schools in the country. Firstly, the school boasts of providing a gentle, inspiring education in a wonderful setting for very clever girls. Secondly, the school consistently ranks amongst the top state schools in educational league tables. Above all, the school was named among the ‘magnificent seven’ in 2005, following three mentions as being ‘outstanding‘ in Ofsted’s annual report. From September 2019, this school changed their first-round exam from the CEM test to GL Assessment. The Henrietta Barnett School is a school for girls.

The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams are FREE until further notice

The GL assessment score is calculated by adding ‘English / Irish Standardised Score’ + ‘Maths Standardised Score’. So, for example, if a child got 120 in English/Irish and 100 in Maths, so, therefore, they received 220 (120 + 100) in their Combined Total.

What is GL Assessment?

The GL transfer Mock test has a varying number of multiple-choice style questions and timings for each section. As the tests are multiple-choice, they will probably be marked by a computer-linked optical reader. Marks are given as A, B1, B2, C1, C2 or D.

11Plus-MockExams The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams are useful for the Girl students to prepare for the GL assessment. The 11Plus-MockExams

11Plus-MockExams quick and detailed information for the 11+ exams in 2021-2022 of Henrietta Barnett School (HBS) is provided below for 11+ Parent’s reference.

Henrietta Barnett School 11 Plus Exam Information

  • Address: Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 7BN, UK
  • HBS Website:
  • Admissions Contact:
  • School Type: Girls
  • Total Number of Students in School: 745 (approximately)
  • Places for Year 7 Entry: 100
  • Ofsted Report: outstanding and Selective

The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exams Subjects:

11Plus-MockExams subjects in the first round will now comprise English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. However, Numerical reasoning has been removed from the first round.

11Plus-MockExams The Henrietta Barnett mocks will strictly follow the GL Assessment exam format and are designed uniquely. Therefore these reach the difficulty level of the Henrietta Barnett test. On the other hand, they are also suitable for other schools using the GL Assessment test in the relevant subject.

Henrietta Barnett Grammar school Eleven+ Exam Styles:

  • First Round Entrance Test in Verbal, Non-Verbal reasoning and English, followed by a Second Round English and Mathematics test.
  • Please fill in the school online application form to apply for the First Round Entrance Test at The Henrietta Barnett School for September 2021 entry,

Eleven Plus Entrance Test

The 11 plus Entrance Test consists of two rounds.

HBS 11 Plus Round One:

Verbal, Non-verbal and English tests set by a nationally recognized body.

The Round One Entrance Test for entry to Year 7 over the three days from Wednesday 30th September to Friday 2nd October.

The first round of Tests determines which candidates are considered for a place.

HBS 11 Plus Round Two:

In the top ranks, up to 300 candidates will be invited to sit the Round Two Entrance Test, and it will take place in early November.

A supplementary date approximately one week later will be available for candidates who, due to illness, are unable to attend the Entrance Test on the original date, which covers the date of the Round One Test. But they must submit a doctor’s certificate to confirm that illness was the reason for non-attendance at the Entrance Test.

Pretest Independent School Topic-wise Mock Tests

Access 11+ The Henrietta Barnett Mocks Papers on our incredible website [email protected].

The Henrietta Barnett School:

The Henrietta Barnett Mocks Papers:

TWO full-length papers. They are:

Eleven plus English and Maths – each paper will be 50 minutes in length


11+ Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning – each paper will be 50 minutes in length


11Plus Verbal Reasoning and Maths – each paper will be 50 minutes in length

Format: Multiple choice

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11plus-MockExams The Henrietta Barnett Mock Exam Papers :

Our world-class professional experts prepare The Henrietta Barnett Mocks Exam Tests and certainly aim to be similar to those set by the examining bodies so that your child can sit a test that is as close as possible to the real exam they will sit for their particular school.

The 11plus-MockExams The Henrietta Barnett Mocks assessment score:

However, the feedback report in the form of Detailed and statistical results will provide you with your child’s score. Since we can’t release copies of the papers due to copyright. As a result, you will be able to see the questions that your child skipped or got wrong.

11 Plus Complete Features

National peer comparison

Most importantly, we will mail your child’s ranking with the National peer comparison that sat the same paper. Cohort comparison groups may vary but will typically be at least 150-250 in most cases. Feedback reports will be provided usually within 1-3 days by email.

All the best.

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