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Sutton Grammar School Mock Exam Selective Eligibility Test is used by six selective schools in and around Sutton as their 11+ entrance exam.

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Sutton Grammar School 11 Plus Exam Information

  • Address: Sutton Grammar School, Manor Lane, Sutton, Surrey, SM1-4AS
  • Website:
  • Admissions Contact:
  • Telephone: 020 8642 3821
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • School type: Academy converter
  • Gender of entry: Boys
  • Age Range: 11 to 18
  • The approximate number of students in school: 930
  • Number of Places Available for Year 7 Entry: 135

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Sutton Selective Grammars Schools:

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Sutton Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar

Wallington High School for Girls

Wilson’s School

Greenshaw High School

All the above schools broadly share resources and follow similar criteria.

There are 2 Stages in the S.E.T. Selective Eligibility Test.

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Sutton Grammar School Mock Exam Stage 1 – Multiple Choice.

All six sixth form schools require the S.E.T. Selective Eligibility Test as their first round of testing. This test consists of two exclusive multiple-choice papers, one for English and one for Maths.

In most cases, this first test will determine eligibility to sit for Stage 2.

The pass mark varies depending on peer averages. So it is best to aim for at least 85% as an average across both papers, with scoring no less than 80%. The real score could be lower or higher in each test, but this is a good rule of thumb when preparing for the big day.

Greenshaw High School and Wallington County Grammar are exceptions to the above rule as they measure test performance based purely on the S.E.T. multiple-choice papers. However, you should note that the pass mark is considerably higher than other schools, so that you can put in a little more effort if it’s your goal.

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Sutton Grammar School Mocks S.E.T. Stage 1

  • provides multiple choice practice papers for Sutton selective eligibility test SET Stage 1.
  • ​Stage1 test consists of two elements, i.e. an 11Plus-MockExams 11 Plus Maths paper and an 11Plus-MockExams 11+ English paper.
  • Each paper is in timed multiple-choice style.
  • Each Indicative paper is of 45-minute mock.
  • The content of the 11+ Maths and English tests is based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.
  • Candidates should record their answers on a separate multiple-choice answer sheet.

Sutton Grammar School Mocks S.E.T. Stage 2

  • All boys who have passed the Selective Eligibility stage 1 Test will be invited to sit the stage 2 entrance test.
  • Sutton Grammar School will be sharing its second stage entrance test with Wilson’s School.
  • provides multiple choice papers for Sutton S.E.T. Stage 2 open answers.
  • Stage 2 consists again of two papers, covering eleven plus English and eleven + Maths.
  • These tests are Timely Open Answer Papers.
  • Verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning tests will not include.
  • Each ​11Plus-MockExams mock exam paper is of 60 minutes and is designed to look and feel like the real 11+ Exam.

Sutton Grammar and Wilson’s School administer S.E.T. Stage 2 11+ Exam together. But acceptance decisions are taken independently, so it is possible to achieve entrance to one and not the other.

The final score is a standardised score across the Stage 1 multiple choice and the Stage 2 Open Answer papers, at a ratio of 2:2:3:3.

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Grammar Schools Registration and Exam Dates

Grammar Schools Registration and Exam Dates

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Sutton Grammar School 11+ Exam Provider

  • Stage 1: The Grammar School admissions are dependent on student performance in the Selective Eligibility Test (SET), which is similar to the standard Eleven Plus exam.
  • Stage 2: Stage 2 is set by the school

Competition Level for Sutton Grammar School

  • The published indicative admission number is 135 boys of the school’s immense popularity.
  • That means ten applications for everyone’s place

List of UK Grammar Schools:

How to Register For 11 Plus at Sutton Grammar School?


Image from Sutton Grammar School website

  • All boys must meet Sutton’s required academic criteria.
  • Upon completing the 11 Plus exam, the school ranks candidates and allocates places based on standardised scores.
  • It prioritises oversubscription for entry to Year 7 to those whose statement of special educational needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan names the school.

Requirements for Entry into Sutton Grammar School

  • Pupils passing the SET will be invited to sit stage 2 tests in English and Mathematics, otherwise known as the 11 Plus entrance exam.
  • SET conducts tests before the Autumn term ends usually.
  • Standardised scores are evaluated, following which they will be aggregated, together with the SET marks, to enable the ranking of candidates.
  • As the testing is competitive, only the first one hundred and twenty-four in rank order will be offered places.
  • If the aggregate standardised scores tie for two or more candidates, it determines the final rank using performance in the Mathematics paper, then, if required, the creative writing, followed by the English multiple-choice, and then the SET to rank them properly.
  • English, Paper 1: Reading and Understanding (45 Minutes)

Part one of the English paper affords candidates 45 minutes.

Here reading comprehension skills are tested via long answer and multiple-choice answer type-questions.

  • English, Paper 2: Writing

English paper part 2 takes the form of an essay and assesses both originality and writing accuracy. The paper consists of an essay title or an excerpt or poem from which the candidates have to extract ideas in the reading handout and develop them into a story or a description of their own.

Spelling, Punctuation and grammar are of paramount importance here.

11Plus-MockExams presents Indicative Grammar School Mocks in English so that it will improve your child’s learning by helping them recognise Eleven Plus English comprehension papers.

  • Mathematics

There are two parts to the Mathematics paper.

The duration of the paper is 75-minutes.

Part 1:

Thirty questions with increasing order of difficulty as per the 11 Plus exam format.

Part 2:

Numeracy, problem statements, and questions about shape and space and some questions in this section may include portions from level six as well.

We advise candidates to carry a ruler, protractor, and a set of HB pencils with an eraser.

Exam Preparation For entrance into Sutton Grammar School

Students are expected and thus advised to practice 11Plus-MockExams Sutton Grammar School Mocks.

Parents, please acknowledge that many free Eleven Plus Grammar School Mocks are accompanied by solutions/answers provided on our website.

Top mathematicians design these 11Plus-MockExams Sutton Grammar School Mocks, and as such, we recommend that candidates make good use of them.

Your children should take our eleven+ free Grammar School Mocks to practice and hone their knowledge.

11Plus-MockExams virtual platform will properly prepare your child such that they are fully equipped to tackle the variety of questions that may appear in their 11 Plus examination. In addition, we provide the selective eligibility test past papers.

You can practice the Sutton Grammar School Past Papers at 11Plus-MockExams.

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

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11 Plus Students’ exam report:

11 Plus student's exam report.

The above bar chart compares a student’s performance with the peer in 11 Plus Virtual Mock Paper 1 NVRNVR Mock.

  • This child has scored 75% and stands among the above-average student, as depicted in the second column.
  • Among all the students who took this test, the highest and least marks reported were 96% and 2%, respectively, depicted in the last and first column.
  • The average score of all students is 67.65%, depicted in the third column.

Overall analysis: The child needs improvement. They need to work a little harder and take lots of 11 Plus Mock Tets to score good marks.

GL Paper student's report


Detailed Statistical Report included in 11 Plus-MockExams website Features:

11 Plus overall students' report

The above bar chart shows the overall percentage range of all students in an 11 Plus Mock Test. For example, 14.58% of students scored excellent marks, i.e. above 80%, in an 11 Plus Mock Test.

  • And more than 50% of students scored between 60% and 80%. These students could perform even better.
  • 16.67% of total students scored an average, and 12.5% of students scored below average. These students need to improve to reach the next levels.

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All the best.

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