11 Plus Area and Perimeter Mock Exam

11 Plus Area and Perimeter Mock Exam

To enhance your preparation for the 11 Plus exam, we have constantly uploaded several topic-wise mock exams at 11Plusehelp.co.uk.

Check out our new 11 Plus Area and Perimeter Mock Exam, activated to test your skills over the 11 Plus maths topic- Area and perimeter.

Area and perimeter:

Area and perimeter are measurements of an object.

An area is a place occupied by any object. It is expressed in square units.

Perimeter is the length of the outline of any object. It has the same units as that of length or breadth.

Formulae for calculating the area and perimeter of some standard shapes are listed below:

For a square:

The area of square = side x side (square units).

The perimeter of the square = 4 x side (unit)

For a rectangle:

The area of the rectangle = length x breadth (square units).

The perimeter of Rectangle = 2 x (length + breadth) (unit)

For a triangle:

The triangle area = ½ x base x Height (square units).

The perimeter of the Triangle = (AB + BC + CA) (unit) where A, B, and C are the vertices of the given Triangle.

For a circle, the perimeter is defined as the circumference. Therefore,

The area of the circle = π * r2

where r = radius of a circle

Diameter(d) = 2 * r

The circumference of a circle = 2πr (unit)

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Here are some sample questions on the 11 Plus area and perimeter Mock Exam available on our website:

11 Plus Area and perimeter Mock Exam

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11 Plus-MockExams website Features

These online 11 plus mock exams give you and your child a good idea about the difficulty level they would expect in the actual 11 Plus exam.

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11 Plus Mock Exams Results Report

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Sample Report:

Sample Report gives you detailed feedback on the child’s test and lets you know the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

combined rank of overall students

11 Plus overall students' report

We have 11 Plus Maths practice papers whose pattern is the same as the 11 Plus grammar school maths test, 11 Plus independent school maths test, or any private school maths test. We’ve provided 11 plus maths worksheets that can be used to enable students to monitor their self-learning progress.

FREE 11 Plus Fractions Mock Test

11 Plus Fractions Mock Test

We focus on fundamentals, logic, and basics and cover most of the UK syllabus for all 11 Plus exam patterns. For example, We cover Maths topic-wise questions and fundamentals and how to apply them. We have constantly been adding practice papers regularly.

FREE 11 Plus CEM Mock Paper:

11 Plus CEM Mock Paper 1

FREE 11 Plus Decimal Mock Test

FREE 11 Plus Decimals Mock Test

These exams give a good idea for you and your child about the level of difficulty they would expect in the real 11 Plus exam.

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

Go through our article on the 11 Plus CEM mock exam:

11 Plus CEM MOCK

Also, these reports are entirely based on your child’s performance. If they don’t score well, do not worry. Your child might take 11 Plus Virtual Mock exams for the first time. Undoubtedly, your child would gradually improve by repeatedly taking the 11 Plus Mock Exams.

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If you think your child did not score well, even after taking many 11 Plus Mocks. Do not worry. Make sure your child is not stuck on a difficult question. Rather than spending 10 minutes on one difficult question, make your child spend those valuable 10 minutes on easy questions, which do not take more than a minute to answer.

Please help your child to change their strategy during the exam.

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We provided the Maths topic-wise 11 Plus mock tests and 11 Plus mock verbal practice papers useful for preparing for 11 Plus entrance exams.

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