11 Plus Vocabulary Topic– Descriptors

11 Plus Vocabulary Topic– Descriptors

“A form of writing that expresses writer’s feelings, emotions, experiences, ideas, or thoughts obtained at a conscious or subconscious level.”

Being an extensive reader is one of the secrets to success in the English writing task. In addition, your child must demonstrate a wide vocabulary and other Creative Writing skills.

So the best way to get maximum marks in creative writing is to be original and master the skills required for Creative Writing. One of the top skills required for mastering Creative Writing along with Vocabulary is Descriptors – describing the situation.

1 Plus Vocabulary learning is made easy with all-new Vocabulary My Flash Cards at 11plusehelp.co.uk. Our innovative personalized Flash Card feature unveils the power of a child’s subconscious brain to remember new words forever. Our Flash Card feature allows the child to add notes for each vocabulary word in Flash Card. Child can also mark their favourite words to be revisited at any time.

Try to build Vocabulary by reading as many books as possible. Reading – make it a habit. This will not only increase your vocabulary but will also help in understanding comprehension.

Create a book for Vocabulary, build words daily, revise them, and practice spelling. Read books to improve Vocabulary and start using new words with your friends and family. Revise Vocabulary before going to bed and after waking up. Aim to learn at least 5 or 10 new words per day.

Sample Questions from our Website:

We have the following 11 Plus Descriptors available at 11PluseHelp.co.uk

S.No 11 Plus Descriptors
1 Appearance–Descriptors
2 Boy–Descriptors
3 Girl–Descriptors
4 Summer–Descriptors
5 Winter–Descriptors
6 Autumn–Descriptors
7 Jungle–Descriptors
8 Tired–Descriptors
9 Emotions–Descriptors
10 Voice–Descriptors
11 Face-Descriptors
12 Clothes-Descriptors
13 Silence-Descriptors
14 Summer-Descriptors
15 Room-Descriptors
16 Paths-Descriptors
17 Islands-Descriptors
18 Beaches-Descriptors
19 Ground-Descriptors
20 Dimensions-Descriptors
21 Aesthetic impact-Descriptors
22 Smells-Descriptors
23 Colours-Descriptors
24 Textures-Descriptors
25 Temperatures-Descriptors
26 Planet-Descriptors
27 Sun-Descriptors
28 Jungle-Descriptors
29 Ocean-Descriptors
30 Surgery-Descriptors
31 Suggestion-Descriptors
32 Touch-Descriptors
33 Snake-Descriptors
34 Wisdom-Descriptors
35 Atmosphere-Descriptors
36 Accommodate-Descriptors
37 Sleep-Descriptors
38 World-Descriptors
39 Wind-Descriptors
40 Memory-Descriptors
41 Beautiful-Descriptors
42 Bravery-Descriptors
43 Merry-Descriptors
44 Love-Descriptors
45 Mysterious-Descriptors
46 Aeroplane-Descriptors
47 Fast-Descriptors
48 Horrible-Descriptors
49 Keeper-Descriptors
50 News paper-Descriptors
51 Nation-Descriptors
52 Teacher-Descriptors
53 Support-Descriptors
54 Opposition-Descriptors
55 Imagination-Descriptors
56 WALK-Descriptors
57 LAUGHTER-Descriptors
58 HANDS-Descriptors
59 TONE-Descriptors
60 SKIN-Descriptors
61 APPEARANCE-Descriptors
62 TASTE-Descriptors
63 BUILDING-Descriptors
64 FURNITURE-Descriptors
65 ENMITY-Descriptors
66 CITY-Descriptors
67 FRIENDSHIP-Descriptors
68 ANGRY-Descriptors
69 BEAUTIFUL-Descriptors
70 Personality-Descriptors
71 Movement-Descriptors
72 Breath-Descriptors
73 Fear-Descriptors
74 Cold-Descriptors
75 Livid-Descriptors
76 Look-Descriptors
77 Envy-Descriptors
78 Hometown-Descriptors
79 Voice-Descriptors
80 Ghost-Descriptors
81 Home-Descriptors
82 Institute-Descriptors
83 War-Descriptors
84 Emotions-Descriptors
85 Shape-Descriptors
86 ACCOMMODATION-Descriptors
87 SPORTS-Descriptors
88 HOLIDAYS-Descriptors
89 ADVERTISING-Descriptors
90 FITNESS-Descriptors
91 CRIME-Descriptors
92 NEWSPAPER-Descriptors
93 CULTURE -Descriptors
94 CAMPING-Descriptors
95 GLOBALIZATION-Descriptors
96 ADVENTURE-Descriptors
97 GADGETS-Descriptors
98 TENNIS -Descriptors
99 UNIVERSITY -Descriptors
100 INFIRMARY – Descriptors
101 PLANETARIUM – Descriptors
102 MUSIC -Descriptors
103 AIRPORT – Descriptors
104 GALAXY – Descriptors
105 DRAMA – Descriptors
106 FASHION – Descriptors
107 POLLUTION – Descriptors
108 TRAVEL – Descriptors
109 POETRY – Descriptors
110 CIRCUS – Descriptors
111 WEATHER – Descriptors
112 MUSEUM – Descriptors

These tests are useful for preparing for CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, Independent Schools, Grammar Schools and other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

There are a couple of Free “Descriptors” under the “My Flash Cards” menu. Try it out.

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These tests are useful for preparing for the UK’s CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, Grammar Schools, Independent Schools, and other 11 Plus entrance examinations ( Grammar schools or Independent schools).

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