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About St Helen’s School – Northwood:

St. Helen’s School London is a British independent private day school for girls aged three to eighteen in Northwood, North West London. It is associated with the Merchant Taylors’ Company and works closely with the local Merchant Taylors’ School in various areas.

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Admitting into St Helen’s School – Northwood :

A child must undergo the entrance tests, references from the student’s current school, report and interview to enter St Helen’s School – Northwood.

There are three entry points to the School:

  • 3+ and 4+
  • 11+
  • 16+

The Girls should be 11 years of age by 1st September in the year of entry for 11+ admission. All the registered candidates must sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test as a part of the 11+ admission process.

11+ Interview:

  • The child who qualifies 11+ entrance exam is invited for the 11+ Interview.

You can get deep insights into the 11+ admissions process from the school’s website:

11+ Registration:

To complete the online registration, a non-refundable fee is payable, which is:

  • £100 for UK applicants
  • £150 for International applicants applying from overseas

Go through this link to know more about 11+ Registration:

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