Medway 11 Plus

Medway 11 Plus

Medway 11 Plus Exam is used to get admission to Medway grammar schools. There are six grammar schools and one bilateral school (The Howard School) in Medway.

List of Grammar schools in Medway :

The admission criteria for different schools are different. Children can take the Medway 11 Plus Exam whether they live in Medway or not. Medway 11 Plus Exam is used for Medway Grammar Schools only.

Medway Test Registration Process:

Medway Test Registration takes place between early June to early July. The test will be conducted in mid of September. Registrations can be made through the website at, or you can fill out a registration form and submit it to your child’s primary school or the Student Services Admissions Team, Medway Council.

Medway Exam Pattern:

The Medway Exam is divided into three papers. They are

  1. Multiple Choice Mathematics Paper
  2. Multiple Choice Verbal Reasoning Paper
  3. Extended Writing Paper

23 % of children in the year group are selected for Medway grammar schools through Medway 11 Plus Exam. 2% of children were selected through the review process. 40% of the marks were allocated to the Mathematics Paper,40% of the marks were allocated to the Extended Writing Paper, and 20% of the marks were allocated to the Verbal Reasoning Paper.

You can practice all Verbal Reasoning Topic Practice Papers here:

Both Mathematics Paper and Verbal Reasoning Paper last for 50 minutes. The duration of an Extended Writing paper is 50 minutes which includes a planning time of 10 minutes.

You can practice all Maths Topic Practice Papers here:

Medway 11 Plus Test Centre:

Medway 11 Plus Test centre depends on the children’s current primary school in Medway. The Medway primary schools are responsible for conducting the Medway 11 Plus Test. The children from the outside take the exam at the independent test centre.

Medway Passmark:

The Medway Passmark differ each year and is set at the 23rd percentile of the cohort. However, the Medway 11 Plus Exam scores are standardised, which means the child’s age is considered at the time of the test. The maximum standardised score of the Medway 11 Plus Exam is 700, and the minimum standardised score is 300.

There are two possible ways if the child is not successful in Medway 11 Plus Exam. one way is applying for a review of the child’s performance in primary school, and the second way is appealing.

Medway Review Process:

In the Review process, samples of the child’s work in English, Maths and Science from the last two terms of year 5 and the first term of year 6 will be requested from the child’s primary school. Senior representatives from Medway grammar schools and Medway primary schools are review panel members. A small fraction of students is selected through the Review process.

Medway Appeal:

Parents can only appeal for schools in the application form.

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11 Plus Mock Exams – Kent Medway

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