11 Plus CEM, GL, SET, CSSE and ISEB Mock Bundles

11 Plus CEM, GL, SET, CSSE and ISEB Mock Bundles

11 Plus Mocks

The mock test papers are highly recommended for the preparation of 11+ exams. It improves the child’s performance and prepares them for the real exam. After writing the 11+ mock tests, we provide detailed feedback on a child’s results. Using these results, parents or tutors can help the child improve in the subject topics.

Practising mock tests before attempting the different eleven plus exams conducted by Grammar schools, Independent schools, or any other private schools helps the child know their strength and weaknesses in the 11 plus subjects.

Subject-wise mock tests are available for each 11 Plus subjects – Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-reasoning. These tests contain questions covering all the topics of a particular subject. The tests created by our experts include the questions asked in previous years’ papers. We also provided the 11 Plus CEM, GL, SET, CSSE and ISEB Mock Bundles.

These mocks will help you prepare for REAL exams – GL Assessment, CEM, SET, CSSE, ISEB, Independent Schools, etc.

11 Plus Cem Mock Exam:

A CEM 11+ Test consists of two papers. Each paper is divided into timed sections, focusing on what particular skill/area of knowledge.


The papers are checked using an audio CD, which divides the test into timed sections. This ensures fair invigilation for all candidates and puts additional pressure on children taking the tests.

CEM test papers are mixed, with one exam combining 11+ English and 11+ verbal reasoning and another combining 11+ maths and 11+ non-verbal reasoning.

Check out the link below to know more about 11 Plus CEM :

11 Plus CEM Exam

11 Plus GL Assessment Mock Exam:

The GL transfer Mock test has a varying number of multiple-choice style questions and timings for each section. Once each section has elapsed, children will not get the opportunity to revisit a section. All answers are marked on a separate answer sheet.

11 Plus Mock Exams

The GL tests are marked by an English based company known as Granada Learning. This company is known for its rigour and high quality. As the tests are multiple-choice, they will probably be marked by a computer linked optical reader. Marks are given as A, B1, B2, C1, C2 or D.

Check out the link below to know more about the 11 Plus GL Assessment Exam:

11 Plus GL Assessment Exam

11 Plus Mock Bundles

11 Plus SET Exam:

Six selective schools in and around Sutton use the Sutton Grammar School Selective Eligibility Test as their 11+ entrance exam. The duration of the test is about 90 minutes. This mock exam covers all the questions asked for the Sutton grammar schools’ entrance tests.

11 Plus Sutton Mock Exam

To know more about the 11 Plus SET Exam, please refer to the following link:

11 Plus Sutton Selective Eligibility Test SET Mock Exam

11 Plus CSSE Exam:

CSSE 11 Plus Exam mainly contains two sections: English and Mathematics. The English test paper contains VR questions also. The question in the CSSE exam is a little bit challenging when compared to 11 plus independent sectors. Children need to apply their skills in clearing this examination.

The final scores for the individual papers are mathematically standardized and ‘weighted’, each being worth 50% of the marks. Tests are not age-standardized.


11Plusehelp.co.uk provides a lot of 11+ CSSE practice papers and mock tests with answers, including explanations. In addition, we have detailed step-by-step explanations (self-explanatory) to all Maths questions, including many Independent schools past Maths papers. These Maths tests are useful for preparing for CEM, CSSE, GL assessment, Independent Schools and other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

To know more about the 11 Plus CSSE Exam, please refer to the following link:



The ISEB Pre-Test (Independent Schools Examinations Board) is an online assessment normally taken by students in Year 6 or Years 7 and 8 for both 11+ and 13+ entry for the selection process at several independent schools in the UK. These tests are online and are commissioned by GL Assessment.

ISEB Mock Exams are useful for students to prepare for the ISEB Common Pretest.

Eleven plus ISEB mock tests are designed to familiarise students with real-time online multiple-choice tests’ format, style and content. In addition, it will make them confident to face the real-time ISEB Common Pretest.

ISEB Mock tests are pitched at the same difficulty level as the real-time tests. Each mock test is designed with unique content and question types. Your child will get to know each module of the ISEB test.

Check out the link below to know more about the 11 Plus ISEB PRE-TEST:


11 Plus CEM Mock-Bundles

Sample Report:

Sample Report gives detailed feedback on the child’s test and lets you identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

combined rank of overall students

11 Plus overall students' report

We have 11 Plus Mock Papers whose pattern is the same as grammar school tests, independent school tests, or private school tests. In addition, we’ve provided 11 Plus worksheets that can be used to enable students to monitor their self-learning progress.

These exams give a good idea for you and your child about the level of difficulty they would expect in the actual 11 Plus exam.

If you think your child did not score well, even after taking lots of 11 Plus Mocks. Do not worry. Make sure your child is not stuck on a difficult question. Rather than spending 10 minutes on one difficult question, make your child spend those valuable 10 minutes on easy questions, which do not take more than a minute to answer.

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

Please help your child to change their strategy during the exam.

We provided the Maths topic-wise 11 Plus mock tests and 11 Plus mock verbal practice papers that are useful for preparing for 11 Plus entrance exams.

The 11 Plus mock test pattern is the same as the 11 exams Birmingham, Chukra Eleven Plus Papers, Essex Past Exam Papers, Medway 11 plus test, Independent School Entrance exam and any other secondary school exam pattern.

11 Plus Complete Features

11 Plus Complete Features

Check out our article on 11 Plus Mock Exams Website Features to know more about it:

11 Plus-MockExams website Features


All the best.

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