Free 11 Plus Compound Word Practice Papers

Free 11 Plus Compound Word Practice Papers

Yes! You have read it correctly. There are Free 11 Plus Compound Word Practice Papers available at

The test papers cover different question types, which will help every child clear the entrance exams like CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, Independent Schools conducted by different grammar schools, Independent schools and other private schools. To meet the entrance exams’ expectation, we have prepared practice test papers on different levels like Easy, Medium and High. By practising the exam papers on these different levels, children can identify their strengths and weaknesses in Verbal Reasoning papers. has many eleven plus exam practice tests which help children to focus and improve their skills in all subjects.

Free 11 Plus Compound Word Practice Papers

A compound word is a word formed by two or smaller words. Each of these smaller words has a valid sense—the smaller words, when combined, produce a word that has its unique meaning.

Types of compound words:

  1. Closed compound words: These are formed from the words without any space in between them.

Examples: baseball, moonlight, railway.

  1. Open compound words: Space is included between the smaller words that make up these compound words.

Examples: middle class, post office, real estate.

  1. Hyphenated compound words: The smaller words involved are separated by placing a hyphen(-) for these words.

Examples: well-being, dry-cleaning, one-sided.

In 11 plus verbal reasoning tests on compound words, the question consists of two groups. We must choose one word from each group that can make a new compound word provided that the word from the first group should always come first.

Here are some example eleven plus questions: Screenshot_107.png

11 plus compound words Screenshot_109.png



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