11 Plus Year 4 Maths Fraction Mini Mock Test

11 Plus Year 4 Maths Fraction Mini Mock Test

11 Plus Year 4 Maths Fraction Mini Mock Test contains questions on 11 Plus Maths Fraction Topic. There are 25 questions at an easy level. This Test will provide the basics of the Fraction topic. Mini Mock Test will enhance the confidence of the children. This test will help CEM, CSSE, GL, ISEB, or any 11 Plus Exams, Grammar School Exam, and Independent School Exam. This test covers the different types of questions on fraction.

11 Plus Year 4 Maths Fraction Topics:

Count up and down in hundredths; recognize that hundredths arise when dividing an object
by a hundred and dividing tenths by ten. Solve problems involving increasingly harder fractions to calculate quantities and fractions to divide quantities, including non-unit fractions where the answer is a whole number identify, name and write equivalent fractions of a given fraction, including tenths hundredths. Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.


Fractions are considered as representing a part of a whole quantity. Fractions are usually represented in the form of a/b where a, b are 0.

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Sample Question 1:

11 Plus Year 4 Fraction Mini Mock

Sample Question 2:


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These online 11 plus mock exams give you and your child a good idea about the level of difficulty they would expect in the actual 11 Plus exam.

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11 Plus Mock Exams Results Report

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11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 03:

11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 03

11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 02:

11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 02

Free 11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 01:

Free 11 Plus VR Mini Mock Exam 01

These exams give a good idea for you as well as your child about the level of difficulty they would expect in the actual 11 Plus exam.

If you think your child did not score well, even after taking lots of 11 Plus Mocks. Do not worry. Make sure your child not stuck on a difficult question. Rather than spending 10 min on one difficult question, make your child spend those valuable 10 mins on easy questions, which does not take more than a minute to answer.

Please help your child to change his/her strategy during the exam.

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