11 Plus Ratio and Proportion

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Ratio and Proportion

In mathematics, a ratio is a way of comparing x, to y. For example, if you had 6 apples and 4
oranges, the ratio of apples to oranges would be 6:4. Easy, right? A proportion, on the other
hand, is a way of saying two ratios or fractions are equal. Here are a couple of sample
questions from our tests:

There are 8 shuttle bats and 5 shuttlecocks in a bag. What is the ratio of shuttlecocks to
shuttle bats if one shuttlecock is added?
Ans. 3:4
Explanation: If one shuttlecock is added, then the number of shuttlecocks equals 6. The ratio
of shuttlecocks to shuttle bats is 6:8=3:4.

The ratio of ages of Jersy and Emily is 11:10. If Emily is ten years old, how old is Jersy?
Ans. 11
Explanation: Let the age of Jersy be X. The ratio of ages of Jersy and Emily is 11:10. Emily’s
age is 10 and the ratio is also 10, so the operation carried out to get the age from the ratio
must have been ‘x1’. So Jersy’s age must be 11×1 which equals 11.




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