“The Mermaid who lost her tail ” by Abhishta

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The Mermaid who lost her tail ” by Abhishta

The Mermaid who lost her tail

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Once upon a time, there was a mermaid. A very stupid mermaid, indeed. Her name was Ariadne. Now, this young mermaid had a very bad habit. She would always do the exact opposite of what anyone told her to do. And, well, also being really daft.
One very boring day, Miss Luna was teaching the class about C-safety and Stranger danger.
“Now, me dearies, you should never give out personal information to strangers, especially trolls,” she rambled on in her croaky voice. “ Yes… trolls…”
“Why?” Ariadne questioned in her usual manner.
“Ms Anemone, I won’t tolerate this horrendous behaviour! Please… GET OUT OF MY CLASS!” Miss. Luna blared at Ariadne. Everyone chuckled.
“Anyone else wants to join her?” Miss Luna asked sarcastically. The class went quiet. Ariadne ran out of the classroom, secretly smirking. She did it on purpose every Wednesday afternoon, during the lessons with Miss. Luna. She hated studying, especially with Miss. Luna. The bell rang. ‘TRING TRING!’ Ariadne rushed to her home, sat on her sea-bed, opened her shell-phone and posted on-line on Finstagram:
“Howdy there! The name’s Ariadne Anemone- and I’ve gotta joke for you! That’s right, a joke! Which fish is the most expensive? Goldfish! Ain’t that funny! Now y’all… wanna c me? Then come 2 Seamock County High School or Algae Stream, Door no 1C. Y’all want money, then PM me. I’ll forward my sea bank pin. bYe!”
Now we all know this was a very bad thing to do. But Ariadne wouldn’t listen. A week later, she got a post from Creepytroll777, saying.
“Meet me at Creekycliff Cafe at 2! I’m Coral, and I want to meet you!”
Ariadne replied “K Coral. By the way, how do you look like… I need to identify you!”
“I look tall, have auburn hair and wear red clothes.”
“ k”
She went to Creekycliff Cafe at 2 o clock. When she arrived, she was looking.
Around for coral, but she could not find her. Instead, she found him. CORAL WAS A TROLL. He was also a man. His name was Crawl, not Coral. He was tall, had auburn hair and was wearing red pyjamas.
He also came with his friends Phantom and Vampire. Together, they confronted her. Ariadne started to regret her decision. They surrounded her and yanked her favourite tail off, and they ran away.
The End

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