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For the 11 plus tutors, our site 11plusehelp.co.uk has come up with exciting features that make your job easy and simple.

The 11 tutors have to teach the students their regular subjects and prepare them for their SATS preparation for their 11 plus exams. This makes them put enormous pressure on the tutors to pay attention to different students’ abilities, weaknesses and strengths, their interests of subjects etc., which is incredibly difficult.

Moreover, finding 11 plus practise papers, past papers, materials, and resources are also tough.

Eleven plus tutors are the best for primary school students for 11 plus exam preparation and common entrance exam papers preparation.

11plusehelp.co.uk is one of the best private tutors who provide 11 plus free model writing papers and 11 plus free entrance exams to prepare eleven plus exams conducted by secondary schools. We provide 11 plus sample questions in the form of multiple-choice or blank type practice paper with time-bound. We provide a detailed answer for Maths and English practice papers. We provide free Maths papers, English papers, Verbal and Non -Verbal reasoning test papers. We have provided many 11 mock tests whose pattern is the same as school entrance exams conducted by grammar school, Independent schools, private schools, and GL and assessment.


Preparing schedules for revision and collecting revision material is important as well as difficult.

So, 11plusehelp.co.uk, 11 Plus online education, is at your rescue. This is a platform where you can find many fully answered Maths 11 plus practise papers, past papers, well-structured revision material.

Quality downloadable English, Maths, Verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning are also provided on this website to save your valuable time on searching and preparing.

Benefits to 11 Tutors we offer

  1. Fully answered test papers are provided, so you need not stress yourself to prepare questions and answers.
  2. Evaluating your students’ test papers comes easy as the answers are provided after completing each test.
  3. You can access Free 11 plus tests, resources, Creative writing resources, vocabulary, flashcards, descriptors, similar meanings etc.
  4. You can use our past solved 11 plus Independent Maths test papers.
  5. You can use our 11 Plus short and long English comprehension.

Please go through the below articles to know more about how 11PluseHelp.co.uk can help Tutors:

Tutor Features:

Tutor Features at 11PluseHelp.co.uk


Tutor – How to add new Students?

Tutor – How to add new Students?


11 Plus Preparation – Help for Eleven Plus Tutors

11 Plus Preparation – Help for tutors


11 plus tutors-How do I Assign Tests to my students or children?

How do I Assign Tests to my students or children?

11PluseHelp.co.uk is a one-stop-shop for 11 Plus preparation, including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation. These tests provide realistic practice whether your child is preparing for the CEM or GL Assessment or CSSE or Independent School 11+ Tests. We have detailed explanations of all Maths questions, including Independent Maths papers. New eleven plus Practice tests and papers will be added continuously.

We focus on fundamentals, logic, basics and cover most of the syllabus for all 11 Plus exam patterns in the UK. For example, We cover Maths topic wise questions and fundamentals and how to apply them.

We have a “School Applications” menu under Parent Login.

This feature is available for FREE @ 11plusehelp.co.uk.

You can now keep track of all the Grammar Schools / Independent Schools you wish to apply for. You can add any number of schools you want to apply for, in a single place, along with their deadlines, exam dates, addresses, school open days, and other useful notes.

With a little subscription, you can teach as many students as you can effortlessly and effectively.

You can access Free 11 Plus Papers by visiting the below link:

You can access 11 Plus Free Sample Papers by visiting the below link:

To access our virtual mocks visit the link:


11 Plus complete solution features:

11 Plus Complete Solution……………


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