Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques

Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques

11Plus-MockExams Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques that are useful for every child who is preparing online for eleven plus exam and their parents.

Common errors a child makes

11Plus-MockExams the expert’s team review the common exam errors, and how to avoid these, that they observe in:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

If your child is prone to silly mistakes then follow the tips we provide.

11Plus-MockExams Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques for comprehension

  • methods for how to prepare for the comprehension exam
  • what the examiner is testing in the exam
  • what to expect from a reading comprehension exam

Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques for Creative writing

  • how to plan the essay
  • what content should be included
  • what the examiner is looking for
  • always examine previous tasks set by independent and grammar schools

Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques for Creative writing 11+ Verbal Reasoning and English

  • Improve vocabulary and thinking like synonyms and antonyms
  • Deal with spelling, punctuation and grammar of GL English papers
  • Deal with cloze passages, word formation, logical verbal reasoning, categories and sentence structure

11Plus-MockExams Virtual Exam Tips and Techniques for Children only

11Plus-MockExams Mocks are an ideal way to help your child get accustomed to the real exam conditions. However, many children still lack exam techniques and ‘know-how’ to apply them to successfully tackle time-pressured exams. So 11Plus-MockExams is here to help children to improve their ability to sit their real-time eleven+ exams through continuous practice.

11Plus-MockExams encourage your child to remain motivated and help to boost performance and build confidence in the lead up to the summer mocks and the real 11+ exams. The children will get familiarised with the following:

  • different question styles and strategies for answering each style
  • to avoid silly errors and tackle questions under time pressure
  • to remain motivated up until the exam
  • focus in the lead up to the exams
  • the most effective methods for revision

Overcoming Exam stress and anxiety TIPS

Being successful and reaching the goal in the 11 exams is not simply a matter of academic ability. Unfortunately, many children continue to make silly mistakes as a result of anxiety in the eleven exam conditions, which has the power to derail many months of preparation.

breathing, mindfulness and meditation are now recognised as a successful tool in managing stress and anxiety, such that a Government initiative has introduced this to 370 schools across the UK. Many schools already provide this as part of their study lessons. So 11Plus-MockExams recommends all students, and parents to go for it so as to manage the stresses and anxieties children are faced with preparing for and sitting exams, such as the eleven plus.

To improve their focus, concentration and confidence 11Plus-MockExams recommends the use of breathing, physical yoga postures, affirmations and meditation techniques.

All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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