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Is your girl eager to win a place in The Tiffin Girl’s School? Then you are at the right platform of 11plus-mockexams.co.uk with hundreds of Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks.

11plus-mockexams.co.uk welcome thousands of girl students to access and practice our Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks to secure a seat in their dream Tiffin school. 11plus-mockexams.co.uk always strives to help to overcome your child’s stress through the strenuous journey of Eleven Plus preparation with effective, original and thousands of FREE Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks.

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About Tiffin Girl’s school, according to their website

The image is from Tiffin Girl’s School Website

Their vision is to provide ‘an intellectually stimulating and outward-facing school, enabling students to flourish and contribute to society.
The school’s motto is sapere aude which means dare to be wise’ – is embodied in its core values of Community, Love of Learning and Character.

The image is from Tiffin Girl’s school Website.

Their teachers are outstanding subject specialists who understand how to shape learning at the highest levels. Their Extracurricular and co-curricular activities are developing girls as rounded young women.

11Plus-MockExams Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks Tips for parents

As a parent of a girl preparing for the eleven plus entrance for Tiffin Girl’s School, it might be a topic of concern that the Tiffin Girl’s School doesn’t disclose details of its test provider for secondary school entry in Year 7 11+ entrance exam. However, the 11Plus-MockExams team of experts will help students prepare for the 11+ Maths and 11Plus English, core subjects for the Eleven+ Entrance Exam.

So our team advise parents to start the exam preparation early by practising 11Plus-MockExams Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks.

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Take FREE Tiffin Girl’s school Mocks in our website 11plus-mockexams.co.uk

The 11Plus-MockExams advise the parents of rigorous preparation on various Maths questions, comprehension, and creative writing so that their child is fully prepared for the entrance exam.

Tiffin School for Girls is not publishing the past papers, so we advise the parents to follow the 11Plus-MockExams Tiffin Girl’s school Mock papers regularly.

11Plus-MockExams always suggest students practice various Maths questions focusing on difficult word problems and logical questions because the exam paper is full of them.

In addition, for English,11Plus-MockExams recommend practising various comprehension styles, including multiple-choice and descriptive styles of comprehension.

It is useful for the student to solve the Tiffin Mocks under given timed conditions because this is very important for the second stage of the Tiffin Girl’s school entrance exam.

11Plus-MockExams helps parents identify the weak areas and practice more questions on weak areas to boost their confidence.

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About the Tiffin Girl’s school 11+ entrance tests

11Plus-MockExams Tiffins Girl’s school eleven + common entrance exam has two stages: stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1:

The Tiffin Mock Exam Stage 1 Test will include English and Math questions in multiple-choice format.

Stage 2:

If your child qualifies for the stage 1 test, the school will invite the student to the Stage 2 tests.

The Stage 2 Test will likely be written examinations in English and Maths and mostly is set by the school.

The English paper includes comprehension and writing tasks.

Maths includes KS2 appropriate standard format Maths questions.

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Tiffin School information:

Tiffin School’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 tests have been moved back in line with government guidance.

Exam Dates:

Subject to approval from the Regional Schools’ Commissioner

Stage 1 test will take place on Thursday, 15 October. But if an additional day is required, this will be Friday 16 October.

The results will not be available before the CAF deadline in October 2020.

And Stage 2 tests will take place for those invited in November 2020.

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Competition for The Tiffin Girl’s School entrance Exam

The Approximate number of applicants: 1805 applicants for 180 places for year 7.

So the tentative ratio is: 10 candidates apply for a single place, offering a ratio of 10:1.

After looking at all statistical information, Tiffin School takes only the top 9 to 10% of students who have applied for the 11-plus entrance test.

What We Offer:

All 11Plus-MockExams Experts specialised in their subjects and graduated from top universities. So They design the Mocks as per 11+ that best suits the Tiffin Girl’s school exam’s syllabus.

Our distinctive approach not only utilises the most up-to-date tools, but our inspirational and engaging tutors will direct and encourage your child every step while providing clear and honest opinions about your children’s progress.

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11 Plus-Mock Exam National Comparison

11 Plus-Mock Exam provides National Comparison between your child and their subjects against other students and subjects, highlighting areas for improvement.

Detailed and Statistical Results

We send Detailed and Statistical Results to the parent’s email. It will also include the strengths and weaknesses of your child. As a result, you will learn about your child’s weak areas where you need to put more effort.

11 Plus-Mock Exam Eleven plus mock tests are designed to familiarise students with real-time online multiple-choice tests’ format, style and content. So it will make them confident to face the real-time Tiffin Girl’s School common test.

11 Plus-Mock Exam Mock tests are pitched at the same difficulty level as the real-time tests. Unique content and question types are available on our wonderful virtual platform. Your child will get to know each module of The Tiffin Girl’s School entrance Exam mock test.


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11 Plus Overall Students Exam Report:

11 Plus overall students' report

The above bar chart shows the overall percentage range of all students in an 11 Plus Mock Test.

  • Out of all students, 14.58% of students scored excellent marks, i.e. above 80%, in an 11 Plus Mock Test.
  • And more than 50% of students scored between 60% and 80%. These students could perform even better.
  • 16.67% of total students scored an average, and 12.5% of students scored below average. These students need to improve to reach the next levels.

All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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