“The Sun” by Zishan

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“The Sun” by Zishan

The Sun

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After the blackness of night, Earth’s star rises on the horizon, spreading her gold in every direction. She comes in the way that natural forces do, needing not invitation yet feeling her welcome. The light is her gift, bold and free, for anyone who cares to open their eyes in the dawn and watch the world awake. This is our sun, a fire ignited to bring warmth to the creation and inspire us to seek our own beauty within. Igniting the world anew with such brilliance, the sun rose with casual elegance. Each day she shone and the world shone back, joyful to reflect those warm rays.

The same sun that sent new green leaves bursting from blackened buds now turns the wands of knee-high grasses golden. These spindles of plants shooting through the sidewalk cracks are enough to tell children that summer is drawing to a close, waning along with the hours of daylight. The scintillating sun soaks the earth in a billowing blanket and shines its torch of dominion. It lay there on the horizon perfectly like an unspoiled yolk…

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