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Is your boy eager to win a place into The Tiffin Boy’s School? Then you are at the right place 11plus-mockexams.co.uk Tiffin Boy’s school Mocks. 

Thousands of students are accessing our 11plus-mockexams.co.uk Tiffin boy’s school Mocks to achieve their DREAM of securing a seat in their dream Tiffin school. 11plus-mockexams.co.uk always strives to be helpful in overcoming your child’s stress through the stressful journey of Eleven Plus preparation with effective, original and FREE thousands of Tiffin boy’s school  Mocks.

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About Tiffin Boy’s school according to the Principal

Image is taken from Tiffin school Website

Tiffin is a unique, vibrant and exciting school, which inspires students to not only achieve academically but to develop, as rounded individuals, their talents, skills, interests, personalities and whole character, enabling them to successfully progress in the wider world. 

The vision and aims of the School support their education in a selective and high achieving environment. Although remaining a boy’s school from 11-16, we also admit a large number of girls to the Sixth Form, which is mixed.

In particular, the school invests in a breadth of curriculum that reflects specialist interests in the Performing Arts, Languages and Sports. What is learnt in a Tiffin education, are the skills for life, and the knowledge that learning goes beyond the classroom?

Tiffin has excellent facilities.

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About the Tiffin boy’s school 11+ entrance tests

11Plus-MockExams Tiffins boy’s school eleven + entrance exam has two stages, which are stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1: The Tiffin Mock Exam Stage 1 Test will include:  

English and Maths questions which are in multiple-choice format. These tests are marked by the computer.

Stage 2: 

If your child is qualified in stage 1 test, then the school will invite the student for the Stage 2 tests.

The Stage 2 Test will likely be written examinations in English and Maths and mostly is set by the school. 

The English paper includes comprehension and writing tasks.

Maths includes KS2 appropriate standard format Maths questions.

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Free 11+ Tiffin boy’s school Mocks: 

11plus-mockexams.co.uk offer a couple of free 11 plus Tiffin boy’s school Mocks papers with solutions that will help your child to prepare for The Tiffin School entrance exam.

Tiffin School information: 

Tiffin School’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 tests have been moved back in line with government guidance.

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Exam Dates: Subject to approval from the Regional Schools’ Commissioner

Stage 1 test will take place on Thursday 15 October. If an additional day is required this will be Friday 16 October.

The results will not be available before the CAF deadline on 31 October.

Stage 2 tests will take place subsequently for those invited on Saturday, 21 November 2020.

Competition for The Tiffin boy’s School entrance Exam

The Approximate number of applicants: 1863 applicants for 180 places for year 7. 

The tentative ratio: 10 candidates apply for a single place offering a ratio of 10:1.

After taking a look at all statistical information, Tiffin School is taking only the top 9 to 10% of students who have applied for the 11 plus entrance test.

Outstanding A-Levels and GCSE results according to Tiffin School

A-Levels 2018/19:

  • 99.51% of grades were A*/E
  • 85.67% of grades were A*/B

GCSEs 2018/19:

  • 80.11% of grades were 9-7 or A*-A
  • 98.63% of grades were 9-4 or A*-C
  • 99.76% of grades were 9-1 or A*-G

11Plus-MockExams Tiffin boy’s school Mocks tips for preparing eleven+ entrance exam for The Tiffin boy’s school School:

The 11Plus-MockExams advise the parents, a rigorous preparation on a variety of Maths questions, and comprehension and creative writing.

Tiffin school for boy’s is not publishing the past papers; thus we advise the parents to follow the 11Plus-MockExams Tiffin boy’s school Mock papers regularly.

Therefore 11Plus-MockExams always suggest students practice various formats of Maths questions with a focus on difficult word problems and logical questions.

In addition, for English,11Plus-MockExams recommend practising various styles of comprehension including multiple choice and descriptive styles of comprehensions.

It is useful for the student to practice to solve the Tiffin Mocks under given timed conditions. Since this is very important for the second stage of tiffin boy’s school entrance exam.

11Plus-MockExams helps parents to identify the weak areas, therefore make their child to practice more questions on weak areas to boost their confidence.

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We offer:

In conclusion, 11Plus-MockExams have a collection of free 11 Tiffin Mocks Exam practice papers.

There are many Verbal and Non-verbal Tiffin Mocks available free on our website. So these are the best resources we would like to recommend for eleven plus entrance exam success.


11 Plus student’s exam report:

GL Mock report

The above bar chart compares a student’s performance with the peer in11 Plus Virtual Mock Paper 1 MathsGL Mock. 

  • This child has scored 92% and stands among the top students who took this test, depicted in the second column.
  • Among all the students who took this test, the highest mark and least mark reported in this test are 96% and 2% respectively, depicted in the last and first column respectively.
  • The average score of all students is 67.65%, depicted in the third column.

Overall analysis: The child has scored pretty well and is one among the deserving students.

All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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