11 Plus-MockExams website Features

11 Plus-MockExams website Features are very useful to understand what we are offering to the parents/ Tutors/ Children for the most important 11+ preparation of their life.

Let’s see the 11 Plus-MockExams website Features briefly.

11 Plus-MockExams website Features are very useful for preparing for CEM Assessment, CSSE Assessment, GL Assessment, ISEB pre-test, and other entrance exams.

11plus-mockexams.co.uk is the UK’s marvellous online platform designed to make it easier for Parents, Tutors and Students to prepare for the entrance tests such as the 11+ Exam and Independent School Entrance Tests and other Common Entrance Exams.

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Is your child worried about how to get on with the 11+ preparations during this COVID Pandemic?

Then 11plus-mockexams.co.uk is here to help you. 11 Plus-MockExams website Features strive to be your true accomplice during the tough journey of achieving your goal of securing a dream seat in your dream school (Grammar school and Independent school)

Your child can find necessary and original help from 11 Plus-MockExams website Features to pass their eleven plus entrance exams for CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE and other entrance exams. Our Online Mock tests are the most original and helpful tool for children to secure an elusive place in their dream Grammar school or Independent school.

Our dedicated expert team collaborate to help your child to cope with the current unwanted COVID crisis. It avoids hindrance for their 11 Plus exam preparation. Online Indictive mock exams designed by our experts are similar to the format and content of the real entrance exam. Children can experience the natural feel of sitting the real exam attending our online mocks since we follow the same format and timing prevailing in the real exam.

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About our 11 Plus-MockExams Website Features

11 Plus entrance examination preparations are made cakewalk by 11Plus-MockExams Online ’11 Plus Mocks’ website.

We create the original entrance examination hall environment where the child actually sits in the real exam on our online website.

11Plus-MockExams is the UK’s only provider of eleven Plus Mock Exams, with original material, which one cannot find in any commercial bookstores.

We are also the UK’s first provider of Realistic Online 11+ Mock Exams for the students applying to Birmingham, Warwickshire and Walsall, CEM Eleven Plus Examinations for Entrance into Grammar School in 2020.

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Now, 11Plus-MockExams offers students the chance to sit an Online Mock Exam in their home comfort for training and revision purposes.

11Plus-MockExams focuses on testing the key learning points and skills necessary for passing the 11 Plus exam.

11Plus-MockExams is open to anyone starting year 5 or year 6 in Sept 2020 and is determined to sit 11+ mock tests under exam conditions to prepare for the big day of their life.

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About our Online 11 + Mock Exams:

  • The design of the Online Mock Exam is unique.
  • The given questions, Sections and Timings all are unique for every paper.
  • 11 Plus Mocks provides a full-length 11 Plus Online Mock Exam.
  • It will include all key 11 Plus subjects; Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English core question types and Comprehension.
  • There are two 50 Minutes tests split into two individually timed sections.
  • We allow one attempt for an individual per section.
  • A short break is provided between test papers.
  • We will send Detailed and Statistical Results to the parent’s email. It will include the strengths and weaknesses of the child.
  • 11 Plus Mocks provides a Comparision between your child and their subjects against other students and subjects nationwide. We also highlight areas for improvement for your child.

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11Plus-MockExams Mock Exams in 11 Plus-MockExams Website Features

11Plus-MockExams website Features include The eleven Plus subjects. They are:

These eleven + virtual exam mocks are free FREE until further notice.

11+ Verbal Reasoning,

11Plus English,

Eleven Plus Mathematics,

Eleven + Non-Verbal Reasoning

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Let’s see how to take virtual 11Plus-MockExams 11+, Mock, in the 11Plus-MockExams website Features:


Register for free as a parent/ Tutor and Submit.

Click the Children menu in the below-given screen

Log in

Log in as a child with a username and a password.


In the given screen, select the Mock Exam paper you want to sit and click on Take.


Press on Start The Exam button to start the 11Plus-MockExams Mock exam paper. Now you can sit for the exam you had chosen. And after the completion of that Mock paper, we will evaluate it and mail the detailed analysis report to your parent.

You see, this is the virtual mock exam paper you need to answer on the screen below.


You will find two buttons at the bottom of the question, and they are PREVIOUS and NEXT. When you want to answer the next question, press the button NEXT. When you want to answer the previous question, press the PREVIOUS button.


There is a Timer on the right-hand side of the test. You can see it in the figure below. It will show the total time allotted for the Mock. This timer runs, showing the time remaining for the test you are sitting on. When this timer has stopped, the test you are currently taking will also stop, and the next mock test will start automatically until you sit all the exams.

Individual timers

Below the timer, you can find Individual timers for each question in the rectangular boxes. Initially, these boxes are blue, i.e. when the question is not selected, the box will be in the colour blue.

Type your answers into the answer box.

When typing the answers to mathematics questions, ensure that you do not type any units in the answer field.

After completing the 11Plus-Mock Exams 11 Plus Mock Exam Paper, the given screen with the ‘Click to see the Result‘ button will open.

In the below screen, you can find the 11Plus-Mock Exams 11Plus Mock you attempted recently.

On clicking the ‘show’ button of the subject you wanted to see the result, the corresponding result page will open as shown below.

Detailed Statistical Report included in 11 Plus-MockExams website Features:

When you click on this button, a Detailed Statistical Results screen will open, where you can get access to your results.

11 Plus student's exam report.

The above bar chart compares a student’s performance with the peer in 11 Plus Virtual Mock Paper 1 NVRNVR Mock.

  • This child has scored 75% and stands among the above-average student, as depicted in the second column.
  • Among all the students who took this test, the highest mark and least marks reported in this test are 96% and 2%, respectively, as depicted in the last and first columns.
  • The average score of all students is 67.65%, depicted in the third column.

Overall analysis: The child needs improvement. They need to work a little harder and take lots of 11 Plus Mock Tests to score good marks.

How to prepare for 11 Plus Exams:

How to prepare for 11 Plus Exams?

The 11 Plus-MockExams website Features include in the standardised score:

  • Questions:

Number of Questions Available in the mock

Number of Questions Answered by the student

Percentage of Questions answered by the student

Number of Questions Unanswered by the student

  • Question Analysis:

Number of Questions:

answered correctly by the student

answered incorrectly by the student

unanswered by the student

  • Student Performance Analysis:

Water Images of:


Answered correctly

Answered incorrectly

  • Question response:

Question Number

Correct Answer

Student Answer

Time is taken to answer the question

  • Detailed Question Analytics:

Water Images of:

Correctly Answered Question numbers

Incorrectly Answered Question numbers

Un-answered Question numbers

mock tests analysis

This Mock Result includes the strengths and weaknesses of your child.

11plus-mockexams.co.uk provides Nationwide Comparision between your child and subjects against other students and subjects nationwide, highlighting areas for improvement.

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers:

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11 Plus Students Overall Comparision Tutor Report:

11 Plus Students Overall Comparision Tutor Report

11Plus-MockExams have developed our exclusive feedback reporting system to provide subject-wise Mock Results and percentile ranking amongst the cohort that sat the test.

These are the 11 Plus-MockExams website Features:


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All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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