GL MOCKS are our online platform’s most important useful papers for your child’s 11 Plus preparations. GL’ Granada Learning has been a leading provider of 11+ assessment across the country for over 35 years. Its motto is to provide “All children the opportunity to experience sample questions across a range of question types in advance of the test”. It produces a range of practice papers to build skills and confidence before the transfer test.

Is your child planning to sit for GL Assessment this year and confused about the preparations? No problem, is the only platform followed by thousands of students for their GL Assessment preparations.

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What is GL Assessment

The GL transfer Mock test has a varying number of multiple-choice style questions and timings for each section. Once the time in each section has elapsed, children will not get the opportunity to revisit a section. All answers are marked on a separate answer sheet.

The GL tests are marked by an English-based company known as Granada Learning. This company is known for its rigour and high quality. As the tests are multiple-choice, they will probably be marked by a computer-linked optical reader. Marks are given as A, B1, B2, C1, C2, or D.

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GL assessment score:

The GL assessment score is calculated by adding ‘English / Irish Standardised Score’ + ‘Maths Standardised Score’.

So, for example, if a child got 120 in English/Irish and 100 in Maths, so, therefore, they received 220 (120 + 100) in their Combined Total.

11Plus-MockExams GL Mock Exams are useful for the students to prepare for the GL assessment.

The 11Plus-MockExams GL Mock Exams are FREE until further notice.

The GL Assessment mocks are suitable for the Buckinghamshire Exams introduced for the September 2018 11 plus exams for all schools in the county listed below. Although the format of the Buckinghamshire papers is a new style for GL Assessment, the exam board is well established. It has been the main provider of the 11 plus exams produced by the National Federation of Educational Research (NFER) for many years. We have GL Transfer Test Practice Papers Free and many 11 Plus Practice entrance assessment.

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New Style exam paper:

The 11plus-MockExams GL Assessment mocks are designed in a new style to be more suitable for the Buckinghamshire Exams.

Unique papers:

11plus-MockExams papers are essentially designed to be exclusively unique, i.e. there won’t be any chance of sitting the paper twice. The full-length mock papers are provided with unique questions every time to gear up your child for their real-time GL exam.

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Regions used for GL Assessment

The GL Assessment or the GL 11+ (second leading 11+ exam provider) tests depend entirely on the region of the grammar school. As of 2019, regions using the GL Assessment format include:

  • Buckinghamshire,
  • Dorset,
  • Kent,
  • Lancashire & Cumbria,
  • Lincolnshire,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • Plymouth,
  • Trafford (some schools use the 11+GL format)
  • Wiltshire
  • Yorkshire (some schools use the 11+GL format)

Please note that some schools in these areas may also use the GL format.

For further information regarding the specific testing criteria in your region, 11plus-mock exams recommend that parents contact their preferred grammar school directly or visit their local education authority website.

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11plus-MockExams provide 2 full-length papers for 45-50 minutes in length, where each paper is broken down into individually timed sections covering Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Spatial Awareness.

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No. of Papers in the GL Assessment

First Paper:

11Plus English (including comprehension, spelling, punctuation, grammar) and GL eleven Verbal Reasoning – (this paper will have timed sections and will form 50% of the marks)

Second Paper:

GL eleven Plus Maths, GL eleven Non-verbal Reasoning and GL eleven Spatial reasoning, i.e. 3D shapes – (this paper will have timed sections and will form 50% of the marks)

But the combination of the subjects is entirely the school’s choice. GL Assessment uses 21 different Verbal Reasoning question types and can incorporate any into the exam.

Format: Multiple choice

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There are another three types of GL Assessment (NFER) mocks

The Maths and English mocks are suitable to practice for the following schools:

The Verbal Reasoning and Maths mocks are suitable for:

The Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning mocks are suitable to practice for the following schools:

No of Papers: TWO full-length papers.


Eleven plus English and Maths – each paper will be 50 minutes in length OR

11+ Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning – each paper will be 50 minutes in length OR

11Plus Verbal Reasoning and Maths – (for Latymer), each paper will be 50 minutes in length

Format: Multiple choice

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GL Select exam is for:

Independent Schools:

A growing number of independent schools use the online GL Select as part of their 11+ admissions process. This includes:

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Grammar Schools:

Many grammar school consortiums use the online GL Select to assess Late Transfer candidates. Some also offer it as an alternative to the standard 11+ exam.


Our GL Mocks, our professional experts, prepare exam Tests. 11plus-MockExams aim to specifically be similar to those set by the examining bodies so that your child can sit a test that is as close as possible to the real exam that they will sit for their particular school.

11plus-MockExams experience and knowledge of the GL Assessment exams enable us to produce mock papers that are authentic and as close as possible to the real exams.

The 11plus-MockExams GL assessment score:

Feedback Report:

We can’t release copies of the papers due to copyright. However, the feedback report in the form of Detailed and statistical results will provide you with your child’s score. As a result, you will be able to see the questions that your child skipped or got wrong.

National peer comparison

Importantly we will also mail your child’s ranking with the National peer comparison that sat the same paper. Cohort comparison groups will vary but typically at least 150-250 in most cases. Feedback reports will be provided usually within 1-3 days by email.

Detailed Statistical Report included in 11 Plus-MockExams website Features:

combined rank of overall students

The above bar chart compares a student’s performance with the peer in 11 Plus Virtual Mock Paper 2-Section B.

  • This child was positioned 12th and one among the top students who took this test.
  • He is on the way to the merit side.
  • The overall marks of this child are 66, and the overall percentage is 82.5%.
  • With our 11 Plus Mocks’ continuous practice, this child could score above 90%.

All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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