CEM MOCK (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) is a research group based at the School for Education, University of Durham (CEM 11+), which produces 11 plus entrance tests for schools and local authorities. The annual assessment of primary pupil’s reading and mathematics ability built the reputation of CEM. For this assessment, they use the products such as PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools) and Incas which is a “diagnostic, computer-adaptive assessment”.


11Plus-MockExams is a beneficial online platform to achieve your goal of securing a seat in your DREAM SCHOOL.

We design CEM Mocks to gear up your child for CEM select and ease their nerves through continuous practice.

The 11Plus-MockExams Mocks are exclusively FREE until further notice.  No registration fee also. So utilise this opportunity and get help in the CEM preparation of your child.

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11Plus-MockExams is tried by thousands of students to gear up for the CEM, which is an online assessment normally taken by students in Year 6 or 7, for both 11+ and 13+ entry for the selection process at a number of independent schools in the UK.

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CEM MOCK Adaptive Learning:

11Plus-MockExams believes CEM to be traditionally a proponent of ‘Adaptive Learning’, i.e. interactive computer-based questions where the next question or ‘task’ is based on the response (and sometimes response time) of the previous question or task.

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11Plus-MockExams prepares online CEM Mock Exams professionally by our experts and we aim to specifically mirror those set by the examining bodies. We do not write generic papers to offer general exam practice because the main purpose of a mock exam is for your child to sit a test that is as close as possible to the real exam that he or she will sit for their particular school. All 11Plus-MockExams mock test papers are essentially designed to be exclusively unique i.e. there won’t be any chance of sitting the paper twice.

                Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.


Our Detailed and statistical results include strengths and weaknesses of your child and the Report is mailed to the parent.

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11Plus-MockExams  Cohort national comparison:

Cohort national comparison available that is between your child and their peers is created by the system of 11Plus-MockExams to identify areas of weaknesses of the children who sat the exam.

Nowadays CEM creates Mock tests in place of the GL Assessment test for many regions and schools. The CEM is an examining body that is providing entrance exams for the Independent school sector for some years, as well as a few 11 plus regions such as Birmingham.

CEM MOCK Unique questions:

11Plus-MockExams CEM Mock test is designed with unique content and question types. Your child will get to know each module of the CEM mock test.

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11Plus-MockExamsCEM MOCK PAPERS are Full-length and are provided to gear up your child for their real-time 11Plus exam.

CEM MOCK for schools:

Independent Schools:

11Plus-MockExams gear up students to be selected in their dream independent schools through our online CEM Select as part of their 11+ admissions process. This includes:

  • St. Paul’s Girls’ School,
  • Wycombe Abbey,
  • the City of London School for Girls,
  • Reading Blue Coat,
  • St. George’s Weybridge,
  • City of London School for Boys,
  • Bede’s, Sutton High and many more.
  • Other schools, such as Harrow and Eton, use customised CEM online tests.

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Grammar Schools:

Many grammar school consortiums use the online CEM Select to assess Late Transfer candidates. Some also offer it as an alternative to the standard 11+ exam.  11Plus-MockExams is always striving to offer unique multiple-choice CEM Mock tests since In 2020 virtually all schools are using the CEM exam will have the multiple-choice format where separate answer sheets are marked by the scanner. Grammar schools:

  • Chelmsford County High School for Girls (Essex),
  • Slough Schools, Reading Boys & Kendrick (Berkshire),
  • Bexley,
  • Redbridge – Essex,
  • Birmingham Consortium Schools,
  • Shropshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire,
  • Gloucestershire Schools,
  • Heckmondwike School (North Yorkshire),
  • Devon Grammar Schools,
  • Torbay Grammars,
  • Sale Grammar School (Trafford),
  • Medway Schools,

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Number of Papers in CEM MOCK TESTS:

Two full-length papers

and one 15 minute paper which contains 11Plus non-verbal reasoning for multiple choice exams.

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 The full-length papers are 45 minutes long and contain sections on

Eleven Plus verbal reasoning,

11+ English comprehension and numerical reasoning.

The short paper is 15 minutes long and contains 11Plus non-verbal reasoning questions.

11Plus-MockExams CEM Mock tests are pitched at the same difficulty level as the real-time tests. This way 11Plus-MockExams prep your child to get accustomed to the questions and real exam format.

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Detailed Statistical Report included in 11 Plus-MockExams website Features:

11 Plus overall students' report

The above bar chart shows the overall percentage range of all students in an 11 Plus Mock Test. 

  • Out of all students, 14.58% of students scored excellent marks, i.e. above 80%, in an 11 Plus Mock Test. 
  • And more than 50% of students scored between 60% and 80%. These students could perform even better.
  • 16.67% of total students scored an average, and 12.5% of students scored below average. These students need to improve to reach the next levels.

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All the best.

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