The ISEB Pre-Test (Independent Schools Examinations Board) is an online assessment normally taken by students in Year 6 or Years 7 and 8, for both 11+ and 13+ entry for the selection process at several independent schools in the UK. These tests are online and are commissioned by GL Assessment.


When your child is exposed to the indicative virtual examination conditions at our 11Plus-MockExams, there is an excellent opportunity to overcome nerves and build confidence.

11Plus-MockExams ISEB Mock Exams are useful for the students to prepare for the ISEB Pretest.

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Overcoming nerves is just as important as gaining 11Plus knowledge.

How does ISEB Pre-Test work:

This test is age-standardized, and candidates are at no disadvantage if they sit the exam earlier than late,r, i.e. between 1st October and 1st February of Year 6.

After completing these tests, your child is offered a senior school, and they must again sit the Common Entrance examinations in Year 8.

Parents do not need to register their children for the Common Pre-Tests. However, senior schools will inform parents about it and will register the candidates.

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This is the current list of senior schools using the ISEB Pre-Test.

  • Abbot’s Hill School
  • Ardingly College
  • Bedford School
  • Benenden School
  • Berkhamsted Senior School
  • Bloxham School
  • Bradfield College
  • Brighton College
  • Bryanston School
  • Canford School
  • Caterham School
  • Charterhouse
  • City of London School
  • Cranleigh School
  • Culford School
  • Dauntsey’s School
  • Downside School
  • Dulwich College
  • Eton College
  • Felsted School
  • Fulham Senior School
  • Gateways School
  • The Grammar School at Leeds
  • Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools
  • Hampton School
  • Harrow School
  • Headington School
  • Hull Collegiate School
  • Hurstpierpoint College
  • James Allen’s Girls’ School
  • King’s College School, Wimbledon
  • King’s College Taunton
  • King’s School Rochester
  • Knightsbridge Senior School
  • Lancing College
  • Latymer Upper School
  • The Leys School
  • Lord Wandsworth College
  • Marlborough College
  • Mayfield School
  • New Hall School
  • Oratory School
  • Palmers Green High School
  • Pangbourne College
  • Putney High School
  • Radley College
  • Anselm’s College
  • Seaford College
  • St Albans High School
  • St Dunstan’s College
  • St Edward’s School
  • St Paul’s School
  • St Swithun’s School
  • Stowe School
  • Streatham & Clapham High School
  • Sutton Valence School
  • Tonbridge School
  • Trinity School
  • Wellington College
  • Westminster School
  • Wetherby Senior School
  • Whitgift School
  • Wimbledon High School
  • Winchester College
  • Woldingham School
  • Worth School

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11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11 Plus Mock Exam Papers

11Plus-MockExams ISEB PRE-TEST Mocks

11 PLUS-MOCK EXAMS ISEB Mock Exams are useful for the students to prepare for the ISEB Common Pretest.

Eleven plus ISEB mock tests are designed to familiarise students with the format, style and content of real-time online multiple-choice tests. In addition, it will make them confident to face the real-time ISEB Common Pretest.

ISEB Mock tests are pitched at the same difficulty level as the real-time tests. Each mock test is designed with unique content and question types. Your child will get to know each module of the ISEB test.

11 Plus Independent Schools Preparation

11 Plus Independent schools Preparation


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ISEB PRE-TEST is multiple-choice.

It includes separate exams covering the following subjects:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • English

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List of UK Grammar Schools

Our experts professionally prepare our Mock Exams, and we aim to mirror those set by the examining bodies specifically. We do not write generic papers to offer general exam practice because the main purpose of a mock exam is for your child to sit a test as close as possible to the real exam that they will sit for their particular school.

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All our mock papers are essentially designed exclusively unique, i.e. there won’t be any chance of sitting the paper twice.

To maintain the best quality, we always use our own mock papers checked and approved by our expertise.

11plus-mock exams strive to provide the best quality ISEB PRE-TEST mock papers set to a real difficulty level to train the child for the real exam.

Please go through our article to know more about Tiffin girl’s school mocks: ISEB PRE-TEST mocks are totally free until further notice.

FULL-LENGTH PAPERS provide full-length mock papers as we believe that reducing the length of a paper will surely distort its composition compared to the real exam paper.

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Detailed and statistical results will be sent to the parent’s email. It will include the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

All our 11 Plus Mock Exams are conducted as strictly as the real exams to give your child a similar experience.

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NATIONWIDE COMPARISON have developed our own exclusive feedback reporting system to provide subject wise scores and percentile ranking amongst the cohort that sat the test. system is powered to identify areas of weaknesses of the children who sat the exam.

11 Plus Independent School English Past Papers with Answers

11 Plus Independent School English Past Papers with Answers

Children have to take one test per academic year to apply for multiple schools using the ISEB PRE-TEST. The set of results are with all schools registering that candidate. If a candidate takes the tests more than once within a single academic year, the schools will be informed, and the first set of results will stand.

GL Mock report

The above bar chart compares a student’s performance with the peer in11 Plus Virtual Mock Paper 1 MathsGL Mock.

  • This child has scored 92% and stands among the top students who took this test, depicted in the second column.
  • Among all the students who took this test, the highest and least marks reported are 96% and 2%, respectively, depicted in the last and first column.
  • The average score of all students is 67.65%, depicted in the third column.

Overall analysis: The child has scored pretty well and is one of the deserving students.

11 Plus students' exam report

All the best.

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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