“Silence” by Vanshika Popat

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“Silence” by Vanshika Popat


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Silence muffled the strangled cries of the charred, broken soldiers of
the forest like a thick woollen blanket. The trees were crisp with soot and were
nearly seconds away from disintegrating into piles of powdered dust.
The sky overhead was teeming with folds and folds of thick grey clouds hanging
heavily over the already dark and damp forest. Thunder mumbled ominously.
A howl sounded, bouncing through the trees and echoing toward the black
forest. A loud thud and a high-pitched shriek later, a clap of thunder illuminated
the land. Through the split-second light, a body could be seen, rising from
the dark grass with a snout, ears and a long, bushy tail. It howled again and went
on a rampage, tearing down trees and slashing branches and spiky bushes as
it went.
Under a pile of debris and a thin film of dust, a ragged girl sat, knees brought
up to her chest. Her hair was so thick with grime that it was impossible to tell
what colour it was. She was sobbing silently, umber eyes crowded with
large, salty tears. Something was creeping around her.
Suddenly a pair of glowing amber eyes appeared. Then everything disappeared
and ‘it’ leapt forwards. With a flash of its blinding white teeth and a sharp intake
of breath, she was gone.
The sun began to sneak its rays over the edge, and the sky cleared, white
puffy clouds becoming tinted with a golden and pink light. A shabby man with
peculiar yellow eyes awoke next to a lifeless young girl with no idea what had
And then, silence fell again.

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