11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning Series and Folding Paper Practice Tests with Explanations…

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11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning Series and Folding Paper Practice Tests with Explanations

 11 plus non-verbal reasoning contains questions in the form of figures or pictures. Children need to understand the given visual information and solve the question. To understand and solve such type of questions, children need to use their logical and analytical skills. No prior knowledge of any subject is not necessary to solve non-verbal reasoning questions asked in 11 plus entrance exams, just need a logical thinking brain.


The topic “Series” in Non-Verbal Reasoning is all about pictures, symbols, shapes etc. It contains a series of images and needs to find the next image based on the pattern followed by the other images.


A shape is drawn on a transparent paper, and you are asked to find the new design after folding paper. If you can identify the shape, then you will have no problem with this part of 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning tests. Each question will have 4 – 5 figures in a row with the unfolded shape for reference. The trick is to imagine the correct shape with keen observation

11plusehelp.co.uk/ helps your children to develop their logical and analytical skills by providing 11 plus practice tests on each topic of non-verbal reasoning.

11pluehelp.co.uk designed the test papers to make the child learn oneself on figures, drawing inferences, identifying the relationships, similarities of the figures arranged in a pattern. These 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning practice papers will improve core skills and helps to score high in 11 plus entrance exams.

We have added the following  New 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning Series and Folding Paper Tests:

11 Plus NVR Series Paper Practice Test


11 Plus NVR Series Paper Practice Test


11 Plus NVR Folding Paper Practice Test

Folding paper

11 Plus NVR Folding Paper Practice Test

Some of the 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning question types are:


11 Plus Sequences

11 Plus Odd one out

11 Plus Groupings

11 Plus Patterns

11 Plus Mirror Images

11 Plus Parts within a shape

11 Plus Nets and Cubes

11 Plus Codes and Shapes

11 Plus Similar and different types of shapes


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