“My Garden” by Stuti

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“My Garden” by Stuti

My Garden

The world's most beautiful gardens and stunning parks - Insider

My garden is a place to cool down after a busy day. It is very pretty and soothing to the eye. So let me tell you about it.

Pale brown fence panels surround the garden. Pink and white roses grow on top of the fence, and they smell like pure honey. From below, dark green ivy creeps up. On both sides of the garden, two shiny sheds stand, as if proud to be part of the garden. One is grey, and one is white. From the front, a stone, twisted path cuts down the middle of the garden, and when you walk along with it, you can easily see that the grass on the sides are as though they had never been cut before! At the end of the path is a fountain. It gleams brightly in the morning sun, and the water sparkles as it rises in the air. Only I do not know why this fountain ceases to flow every winter.

My garden even has a little pond! Many reeds and plants that even I don’t know the name of growing there. A few fish live there, but I can’t risk putting frogs as well because they could eat the fish. I’m glad that now it’s almost summer and my pond can thrive with wildlife. Lots of blue dragonflies fly around with a pacifying high-pitched hum. I love it by the pond.

My favourite part of the garden is the grassy lawn right beside the path. Though it is not that big, I love to pick the dandelions and daisies to make a flower chain and wear it on my head! There is always a fresh scent all over the garden, especially by the…Oh I almost forgot, I grow a mini pot of mint leaves alongside the grey shed. Thankfully, none of the snails eats them as their smell is very ripe and strong all year round. Also, in the summer, on my favourite lawn, I put out a small folding table that contains an interesting book, a cup of steaming hot chocolate and a plate of tempting pancakes drizzled in honey. Then, I lie down in the soft grass and start dreaming.

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