“The Night Sky” by Stuti

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“The Night Sky” by Stuti

The Night Sky

Stars, they sparkle in the sky,
as the moon goes swiftly by.
I love to watch them shimmer bright,
making such a wonderful sight.

In the night, the owl’s hoots,
while their wings flap around like old welly boots.
And as I get ready for bed,
I see the distant stars as thin as thread.

Snug in my bed as soft as cream,
I’m wrapped in a warm, cosy dream.
The circular moon glows above like a ring,
I’m as shiny as the crown of a grand old king.

Spooky silhouettes of many tall trees,
my hair blows back in the cold night breeze.
Soon the sun will rise again,
at the cockerel’s crow unlike a dark den.

I’m sorry this poem now comes to an end,
But never mind; you are still my friend.


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