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It was early on a quiet, spring morning where the blazing sun had just come up over the horizon and the thrushes were singing proudly with their spotted breasts held high. The sparrows were swiftly spreading out their powdery wings, making the flight to catch food, and feeding the baby nestlings. The atmosphere was alive with creatures, and nature had taken over the frosty cold days of winter. The massive fields had sprouted with fresh green grass, and spring had come. It was so obvious everywhere you looked!

In a particular place where there was a specific field, and there stood a particular tree that looked very beautiful. Its leaves never seemed to die, even in winter! All kinds of birds lived in it. Every day, without fail, the sun would make small puddles of light around this tree. And because spring had now come through, pretty white cherry blossoms were being seen. The best thing was that a rose bush had been growing side by side with the tree trunk and gave a lovely, bright colour addition. Moreover, the roses were a rare colour of deep purple mixed with sunset orange that beholding it would make you spellbound!

Oh, what a beautiful tree!


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