“A day as a babysitter” by Nithila Senthil

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“A day as a babysitter” by Nithila Senthil

A day as a babysitter

It’s a Monday morning which means I have to babysit my aunt’s minuscule, cheeky five-year-old daughter Layla!! Layla is a naughty little girl, and she is too bossy and never listens to me. So I drove to their house at 09:00 am,” Oh how wonderful it is to see you again”! exclaimed Layla’s mom. I strolled into the house, and Layla was sitting on the grey, cotton sofa contentedly watching Peppa Pig.

“Layla come to the dining table I’ll give breakfast”, I asked “NO”! she screamed. Eventually, I convinced her to eat her cereal, and we went to play board games, after half an hour of disputing, we decided to play snakes and ladders. Though she kept cheating which made me outraged, Next it was time for lunch, so I gave her some broccoli and pasta. When I came back from the toilet all the pasta was scattered everywhere, and the broccoli was mushed on the floor, Layla was giggling. I immediately cleaned up the mess, and as her punishment, she wasn’t allowed tv for the rest of the day.

Later I decided to take her to the park-“I want to go on the big slide”!, cried Layla but it was gargantuan, and she could hurt herself, so I denied, but she kept nagging me, and finally I let her go but trust me it didn’t end well. She fell from the slide and injured her leg I drove back home as rapid as possible and grabbed the first aid kit and wrapped a bandage around her leg. Finally, she was too hurt to move; we decided to sit by the fire and read a book. Two hours later, Layla’s mom came whizzing to Layla so hard that Layla squealed with pain. Layla understood her mistake and apologised to me. I hugged my cheeky niece and left to go home with pleasure.


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