“The Summer Tree” by Hafsa

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“The Summer Tree” by Hafsa

The Summer Tree

Summer Tree

There it stood towering above in the middle of the orchard, a beautiful apple tree with emerald green leaves glimmering because of the bits of dew that settled on the fresh leaves. Luscious, juicy, red apples dangled in the branches waiting to be eaten. The aroma of the delicious apples floated through the air, and squirrels scampered around the foot of the tree. It was a wonderful sight, very close to nature. My brothers and I climbed up the charred, trunk and climbed to the limit just to find a whole world of rosy, red apples dangling from little stalks. We jostled through the leaves and picked every single one, I imagined we could create a good deal of enormous apple pies and tiny buttery tarts, maybe even an apple crumbles, and that was just what happened. We went back to our little cottage and started. We sliced and sizzled and stirred. We made the golden apple pie and tiny lemon tarts. We simmered rich soups and built elevated towers of cream cakes finished with candied fruit and sugared flowers, and then we crumbled up a crumble and made apple cakes purely made from the blend of an apple. Delicious smells wafted through the house and out one window. This could be one king’s feast! We thought. But instead, we didn’t take this marvellous feast to the king. Instead, the whole village came along to the redwood forest. We all sat by the magnolia tree and ate.we trekked on a little more until it was almost sunset, but then we saw the most truly wonderful sight -A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close. The rapids of water bumping on the obstacles as if it was on a roller coaster. It was simply spectacular, the most magnificent sight we had ever beheld. By now we were all lethargic, so we slowly walked back, leaving only one thing left behind wide awake – the bubbly, sapphire waterfall.


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