“Cloud” by Hafsa

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“Cloud” by Hafsa



The cloud was a white ribbon upon the velvet sky, making a half-spiral as it was fluttering in the gentle breeze. From below it decorated the sky, from above it decorated the earth. Above those golden mountains, were puffy clouds that moved in bunches. The sky was decorated with streaks of golden, silver, and finished with a unique, artistic streak of blue to finish the natural painting of the world. The dove-white mountains stood high in the air, trapping the glistening sun behind them. As you walked closer, it looked like a picture that you would find in a book; a snow-glazed alp scene. The one word I would use is beautiful. I woke up that morning to a fresh mountain smell, and there was a part of you that could hear an adventure, it was begging you to just venture out of the door. so I did, I stepped out of the wooden door and squinted in the bright shimmering sun…


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