“Bon Voyage” by Hafsa

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“Bon Voyage” by Hafsa

Bon Voyage

It’s great being home again after my wonderful voyage around the world. I saw the marvellous sights:
Crashing against the shore, small waves wash the night’s debris onto the land. Untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. The smell of the salty sea rushes through your nose as you breathe in the fresh air.
Cutting their way through the dense undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy, moist and still. Trees tall as cathedrals surrounded me, and a strange green light – almost holy – shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves. The rain forest seemed to have an intelligence of its own. Its voice was the sudden screech of a parrot, the flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches overhead. It knew I was there. I jumped behind a bush and turned around- I saw the most dazzling thing, a waterfall, it’s shiny shimmer sparkled in the golden sun and the azure, cool water jostled through the dry leaves leaving a short but refreshing little gust of wind.
So there are some of the amazing things I have done.


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