“Spring the beginning” by Nithila Senthil

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“Spring the beginning” by Nithila Senthil

Spring the beginning

The spring days are finally here, and I could feel the wind breeze from the window. I ran outside, and pink, cherry blossoms had arrived the green grass glistened in the sun. Flowers erupted in the middle of the viridescent fields, and nature had painted the hills and decorated winters bare branches. All animals had awoken from their wintry slumber, and squirrels scampered up the trees to the melody of the songbirds marking their territory. Hidden in the branches, the open, anxious beaks of sparrows pushed their way out of the nest.
The scent of bluebells was flung like wafts of perfume into the air. Here and there were small clumps of snow soon to melt, I felt exuberant and jovial. Winter had relaxed its grip, and the world was waking to new growth, colour and sound I danced and sang on the lush green grass. I didn’t want this to end I was stuck in my own dreamy world…


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