11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration and Exam Dates-Part 11

11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration and Exam Dates-Part 11

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In this article, you will find:

  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration Date
  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Exam Dates
  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Website Link
  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration link
  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Exam pattern type CEM or GL Assessment etc
  • 11 Plus Grammar Schools Second Stage Entrance date if available

For the latest up-to-date information, please follow the school website or local council directly.

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11 Plus Grammar Schools Registration and Exam Dates-Part 11:

1) Bournemouth School for Girls
Bournemouth School for Girls is a grammar academy school located in Bournemouth, Dorset, England.
School Website Linkhttp://bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk/
Registration Deadline11 Sept 2020
Registration Linkhttp://bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk/pages/School-Information/Register-For-Testing.html
Admissions Linkhttp://bsg.bournemouth.sch.uk/pages/School-Information/Admissions.html
BoardGL Assessment
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date26th September 2020
2) St Ambrose College
St Ambrose College is a Christian Brothers’ Roman Catholic boys’ grammar school in Hale Barns, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England. 
School Website Linkhttps://www.st-ambrosecollege.org.uk/
Registration Deadline17th July 2020
Registration Linkhttps://form.jotform.com/200633809951356
Admissions Linkhttps://www.st-ambrosecollege.org.uk/page/?title=Year+7+admissions+2021&pid=134
BoardSet by school
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date18th September 2020
3)Churston Ferrers Grammar School
Churston Ferrers Grammar School is a selective co-educational Grammar School with Academy status, situated in the village of Galmpton in Torbay, South Devon, England.
School Website Linkhttps://churstongrammar.com/
Registration Deadline9 Sept 2020
Registration Linkhttp://churstongrammar.com/11plus/
Admissions Linkhttps://churstongrammar.com/information/admissions/
BoardCEM (Cambridge Assessment)
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date
4)Heckmondwike Grammar School
Heckmondwike Grammar School is an 11–18 mixed, grammar school and sixth form with academy status in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, England.
School Website Linkhttps://www.heckgrammar.co.uk/
Registration Deadline22 June 2020
Registration Linkhttps://www.heckgrammar.co.uk/admissions/application-procedure/
Admissions Linkhttps://www.heckgrammar.co.uk/admissions/
BoardCEM (Cambridge Assessment)
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date14 September 2020
5) Highsted Grammar School
Highsted Grammar School is a state-funded selective secondary school for girls in Sittingbourne, Kent. 
School Website Linkhttps://www.highsted.kent.sch.uk/
Registration Deadline27 March 2020
Registration Linkhighsted.kent.sch.uk/assets/PDFs/Web-files-2019-20/casual-admission-form-2019.pdf
Admissions Linkhttps://www.highsted.kent.sch.uk/opportunities/admissions/
BoardKent 11 Plus Exam (GL) / Highsted Test (optional)
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date
6) Queen Mary’s High School
Queen Mary’s High School is one of the top-performing state schools in the country, consistently maintaining a high position nationally for GCSE and A-Level outcomes.
School Website Linkhttps://qmhs.org.uk/
Registration Deadline3 July 2020
Registration Link
Admissions Linkhttps://qmhs.org.uk/year-7-admissions-entry-for-entry-in-september-2021/
BoardCEM (Cambridge Assessment)
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date14th September 2020
7) Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School is a boys’ grammar school with academy status in Rochester, Kent, also referred to either as Rochester Math or The Math School.
School Website Linkhttp://www.sjwms.org.uk/
Registration Deadline
Registration Link
Admissions Linkhttp://www.sjwms.org.uk/173/admissions
BoardMedway 11 Plus (CEM)
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date
8) Haberdashers’ Adams
Haberdashers’ Adams is a grammar school for boys aged 11–18 and girls aged 16–18, located in Newport, Shropshire, offering day and boarding education.
School Website Linkhttps://www.adamsgs.uk/
Registration Deadline 3 rd July 2020
Registration Linkhttps://applyonline2021.gsconsortiumsww.org.uk/
Admissions Linkhttps://www.adamsgs.uk/admissions/joining-us-in-year-7
BoardCEM (Cambridge Assessment), Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton Consortium
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date14th September 2020
9) South Wilts Grammar School for Girls
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls is a grammar school in Salisbury, South Wiltshire, England, for girls aged 11 to 18.
School Website Linkhttps://www.swgs.wilts.sch.uk/
Registration Deadline1st September 2020
Registration Linkhttps://www.swgs.wilts.sch.uk/key-information-2/11-making-an-application-for-year-7/
Admissions Linkhttps://www.swgs.wilts.sch.uk/key-information-2/admissions/
BoardGL Assessment
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date26 September 2020
10) Ermysted’s Grammar School
Ermysted’s Grammar School is 11-18 boys voluntary-aided grammar school in Skipton, North Yorkshire, England.
School Website Linkhttps://www.ermysteds.co.uk/
Registration Deadline6 July 2020
Registration Linkhttps://www.ermysteds.co.uk/entrance-test-registration-form/
Admissions Linkhttps://www.ermysteds.co.uk/admissions/year-7-2021/
BoardGL Assessment
Exam Date / Stage 1 Date
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Some of the schools 11PluseHelp children achieved so far:

London Grammar schools: QE Barnet (GL Assessment), Henrietta Barnett School, CCHS (CEM), CSSE consortium schools (like KEGS, Westcliff, Colchester Royal, etc.), CEM schools (Ilford, Reading), Sutton & Wilson’s Schools, Tiffin Boys, etc.

Manchester: Altrincham Grammar School etc.

Milton Keynes: Royal Latin Grammar School, Aylesbury Grammar School & Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, etc. and from other schools & regions.

Top Independent schools like HABS, Hampton, St Paul, Dulwich. King Edwards, Magdalen boys, City of London school, etc. Some students got offers with a scholarship.

Many more school across the whole of the U.K

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