The Prisoner by 11 Plus child

11 Plus Creative Writing

The Prisoner by 11 Plus child

11 Plus Creative Writing
11 Plus Creative Writing

“You may recede towards your cells,” boomed the harsh, piercing voice. As we polished the last specks of our porridge, I grimaced as the sensation of nausea approached me. I stared longingly at the exquisite, dazzling city lights, and then cautiously at the watchman’s tower. I shuddered as a wave of trepidation rattled through my spine. We reluctantly queued up at the dinner hall exit and returned to the loathsome bars of our cells. As thunder and lightning coincided, my eyes emitted a cold-hearted stare at my cell partner. He was slightly jaundiced and wore ragged attire, which of course was the tedious prison uniform. Waiting for the deafening snores to echo around the room, I watched the enigmatic blanket of mist curl around the mysterious ball in the sky. I endeavoured to picture home if I knew what it meant. All of a sudden, an uncontrollable force overcame me. I had learnt my lesson from the obnoxious night that I held a dagger, bathed in blood I hadn’t possessed. As I breathed in, I retrieved my strength. Flexing a muscle was unnecessary for my tenacious arms wrenched the pipes free. I relentlessly hacked at the ceiling with the pipe having acknowledged the fact that I could not possibly disturb anybody above. To my delight, a tile broke open. My arms reached the floor above as I suspended from the upper floor. I pushed downwards and in no time, found myself in the chief police officer’s room. As I scrutinised the room for the keys, I spotted a sight that thoroughly offended my eyes. Hardly daring to breathe, I watched, as beads of sweat trickled down my cheeks. A bunch of keys hung precariously in the lock of an open window. One false move and it was all over. Suddenly, I choked on my breath as the most disturbing sound met my ears.

The alarm went off…



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