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11 Plus CODE BREAKER Non-Verbal Reasoning is a one-stop-shop where you can find endless questions on 11 Plus Code Breakers.

 Non-Verbal Reasoning section of 11 plus test consists of diagrammatic questions to figure out how well a child can analyse visual information, and solve problems using visual logic. Each question contains about 3 to 5 shapes, along with 3 to 5 options from which you can choose the right one.

11 Plus Code Breaker is one such question type that you experience. Codes are a system of words, figures or symbols used to represent the given information. You need to think well and be able to crack the code for answering the question.

Question Format

In the question, there consists of a set of symbols or shapes. There are two letters associated with each figure except for the last one. The letters associated are codes for figures that describe certain aspects of their appearance.

To the right side, there is a set of five pairs of letters, labelled a toe. The task is to work out the code based on what symbol, shape or pattern does each letter represent. After breaking the code, you need to identify the code that suits the last figure using a combination of the given coded shapes and select the appropriate option.

Remember that the figures consist of lines, shapes and shading/patterns. The shapes can alter in various ways-rotate, reflect and transpose. The shapes can increase/decrease in size, add and copy.

Coding questions will make children see the usual terms of two different images, and they will learn to compare the exact values that are necessary. It helps them to improve their understanding ability.

Here’s is a sample question for you on code breaker along with a clear explanation for the process to find out the correct code.

code breaker

Correct answer: b


From figures 1 and 2, one can interpret the regular letter ‘L’ = square shape.

Hence the letter ‘R’ in figure 3 corresponds to the pattern of four lines emerging out from the middle of each side.

From figures 2 and 4, it is evident that the regular letter ‘B’ = square turned around by 45˚.

The last figure is a combination of a square turned by 45˚ with a similar pattern to that of figure 3.

Hence the code is BR given under option is the correct answer.

Code Breaker tests are fun but quite challenging to complete. Once you understand the technique, you could feel quite easy to answer them. Just concentrate and think logics so that you couldn’t feel any trouble through proper practice.

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