Colchester County High School for Girls

Colchester County High School for Girls


Colchester County High School was founded in 1909 as a girls’ school for Colchester.

Subsequently, it became a Colchester County grammar school for girls from North East Essex and beyond based on an 11+ test.

The school is situated a mile to the west of central Colchester.GCS


About the school

Colchester County High School for Girls is a selective girls’ grammar school. It got its academy status in Colchester, Essex. The scores of school are consistently high in the league tables for the UK.

The school was joint first in the country in the 2018 secondary GCSE league tables, and ninth in the country in the 2015 A-Level league tables.

Entrance to Year 7 is by an academic selection test, the Eleven Plus. Entrance into Year 12 is by GCSE grades, although priority is given to pre-existing pupils.


It is a Science Specialist School. It later became a specialist Modern Language school too, and teaches French and German as well as Latin.

Admission process

Places at CCHSG are applied for through the Local Education Authority and allocated to students based on performance in the 11+ test.

Registration for the test is via the CSSE website for schools within the CSSE and opens for a limited period.

It do not charge fees and welcome applications from students living in Essex and surrounding areas. The school is committed to fair access for disadvantaged students also.

School Governance

The governing body membership is drawn from groups who have an interest in the school;

  • 2 Parent
  • 8 Governors
  • 2 Staff members

Pastoral Support

“The levels of care, guidance and support are outstanding” Ofsted 2009

CCHSG is a community of friendship and support, with an important focus on the emotional well being of everyone in our care. The school values each student as an individual and aims to help each individual to reach the highest possible levels of personal, academic and social achievement.

The school is firmly committed to the development of emotional intelligence and resilience of all of their students. The school’s pastoral programme, including PSHCE, continues to develop and is unique. It includes work on cognitive behavioural therapy which has been developed by a specialist in this field.

Students are taught to recognise thinking errors including negative filtering and catastrophic thinking.

The all girl environment provides a high level of confidence and security. Students are supported by their excellent pastoral care.

Mission Statement

According to the school the mission is to prepare resilient and responsible leaders for the future, who are able to compete in a global economy. They promote high aspiration, ambition and excellence.

The school aim to:

  • Enable students to cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with the pressures and demands of life
  • Provide a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum
  • Provide the highest quality education for able students, to enable them to achieve excellence in public examinations
11 Plus QE Results
11 Plus QE Results

2009 Ofsted Report

Overall effectiveness of the school – Grade:1

Colchester County High School for Girls is an outstanding school that continues to offer an exceptionally high quality of education. It continues to strive for, and achieves excellence in all that it does. The school provides outstanding value for money.

Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and high expectations of their students. In return, students have high expectations of themselves. Very good working relationships exist between students and teachers and students say they relish the independence teachers give them and appreciate the high levels of encouragement.

The curriculum is outstanding and well supported by a wide-ranging menu of extra-curricular activities.

The school makes excellent use of its specialist designations to raise students’ aspirations and achievement. The levels of care, guidance and support are outstanding.

Students say they feel safe and supported both by the school and by each other. A comprehensive and popular personal, social and health education programme helps students cope well with the demands and stress of schoolwork.

Enhanced transition arrangements have further strengthened students’ progression to the school and through Key Stages. Student performance is meticulously tracked and analysed.

Dining Facilities

Healthy eating menus include panini, vegetable curry, Jambalaya, a salad bar, baked potatoes and roast dinners. They also serve a wide range of drinks, healthy snacks, fruit and desserts. Their prices are competitive and good value.

For early risers in our school community, breakfast is available from 08.00 in the Dining Hall.

According to the Executive principal of the school:

The school has an outstanding academic reputation and is consistently one of the top performing schools in the country, not only for academic attainment but for the progress that the students make during their time with us. The latest Progress 8 figure was 1.21. In 2018 62% of grades at Advanced Level were A/A grades and at GCSE 90% were A/A (7,8,9).

The students are encouraged to take part in the many extra-curricular activities on offer including sports, drama, music, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Enterprise, sporting events, theatre trips and visits to places of interest in Britain and abroad.

The teachers are passionate about their subjects and are specialists in the subjects they deliver and all students study Creative and Critical Thinking, which supports their excellent performance in other subjects.

The school’s environment is ordered, disciplined and structured that provides the girls with a certain level of comfort that helps them develop greater self-confidence, broader interests and resilience.

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