Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

Founded in 1573, Queen Elizabeth’s is a state-funded boys’ grammar school, with 447 years’ experience of producing confident, able and responsible young men.


At the request of Robert, Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth I granted a Charter “for one Common Grammar School in or near the town of Barnet. It  shall be called the Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth, for the education, bringing up, and instruction of boys to be brought up in grammar and literary matter, and that to be continued forever”.

Now the Corporation of London granted permission to acquire funds for building the School from church collections within the City of London.

Academy Status achieved

The School achieved  Academy Status the Education Acts of 1999 and 2010. In turn these increased representation of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s, the parents, Foundation Trustees and Old Elizabethans on the Governing body further consolidating the School’s autonomy. Many new developments including the Martin Swimming Pool and Shearly Hall were facilitated by their unity of purpose and financial support.

World Robotics Championships

It won the overall Excellence Award at the VEX IQ World Robotics Championships in Louisville, Kentucky in 2018, that too in only the School’s second season participation. They beat some 8,500 teams from around the world and QE became the first UK school ever to win a VEX world championship title.

The Triple Crown

Queen Elizabeth’s maintained its unparalleled success within the state sector, being  recognised as the top performing school 3 times based on exam results. This selective school has the best value-added measure for pupil progress, and had sent the highest proportion of its students to the Russell Group of universities over the previous three years.

Mission they claim

Queen Elizabeth’s School mission, since their foundation in 1573 is to produce young men who are confident, able and responsible .

The original charter, granted by Queen Elizabeth I, established the School, “for the education, bringing up and instruction of boys”. This holistic view of the School’s role has continued to this day.

Boys typically perform incredibly strongly in public examinations, with a clean sweep of A* at GCSE or A-level. That helps them to take up places at the very best universities, both in the UK and overseas – with a recent trend for more boys going to Ivy League institutions in the United States.

In keeping with the School’s ancient traditions and recognising the opportunities presented by technological advance, the Governors have recently reconfirmed the School’s mission.

All those who work at the School contribute to this by:

  1. Encouraging independence of thought and tailoring the learning experience to individual needs
  2. Focusing the boys’ attention on their own development and aspirations
  3. Emphasising the importance of traditional values, working along with their parents to inculcate an attitude of tolerance, and pride in self-presentation
  4. Promoting boys’ general well being
  5. Developing boys’ awareness that they achieve genuine fulfilment and greater benefit by seeking to make a contribution to society
  6. Providing an inspiring learning environment, harnessing the benefits of technology and ensure the maximum time to devote core professional activities


School Performance

A-level results 2019

Further Mathematics22610000029
TOTAL 201922920748192100506


GCSE results 2019

English Language5658421950000180
English Literature5455422351000180
Science (Double Award)4820510000074
TOTAL 20199944052011183392001762


Leadership & Governance 

Queen Elizabeth’s School’s very high standing is due in large measure to the efficient management and effective leadership provided by the Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team.

They are responsibile for safeguarding along with maintaining  the School’s high educational standards and its finances, that come with QE’s status as an Academy, and continually making certain that all boys have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

The teachers also fulfil an important role through leadership of academic departments and areas of this School.

The Elizabethans of today become the leaders of their generation – in business, the professions, academia, culture, politics and public service.

The boys themselves are encouraged to exercise leadership, with those taking up positions of responsibility not only contributing to the running of the School, but also setting an example for their peers. The School Captain and House representatives with his team of Prefects, drawn from the Sixth Form, provide substantial help in day-to-day matters.

Giving to Queen Elizabeth’s

Boys at Queen Elizabeth’s School today benefit from superb facilities and educational opportunities which is due in very large part to the generosity of past parents, friends and Queen Elizabethians.

Since the mid-1990s the fabric of the School has been transformed by regular support from the Elizabethan community, via the  registered charity, ‘Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s (FQE)’ has a two fold mission: to raise funds and expand educational facilities and opportunities at the School, and to assist new parents and boys integrate into the QE community.

The School has a continually evolving estates strategy. The next exciting project is the redevelopment of the Mayes Building to create new facilities for Music, including rehearsal space and a recital hall, whilst retaining an atrium for boys to enjoy at break times. This will enable help providing an extra assembly space for our burgeoning lecture programme.

According to Neil Enright, Headmaster, “Queen Elizabeth’s School, then, offers a meticulous and richly faceted holistic approach to the education of the boys in our charge. It is this approach, combined with our excellent facilities and a proud history dating back to 1573, that make the QE experience truly a state school experience like no other.

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