Nonsuch County School for Girls’

Nonsuch County School for Girls’


Nonsuch was named after the so called finest Palace in the world built by Henry VIII on the village of Cuddington that once stood in the park in the sixteenth century.

In 1935 there was an outcry about Surrey County Council’s proposal to build a school and questions about the scheme were raised in Parliament. Eventually it was given the go-ahead and on 30 December 1936 the first turf was cut at an official ceremony. Nonsuch was to be called ‘Nonsuch County School for Girls’. When full it was going to provide a school for 490 girls. There are now 1220.

Entry to the Nonsuch County School

As today, there was an entrance examination to get into the school. The first exam took place on 21st December 1937 and successful girls paid school fees of 4 pounds and 4 shillings. This was to cover stationery, textbooks and apparatus. The parents had to sign an agreement to keep their children at the school until the end of the school year in which they were 16.

As was reported in The Times newspaper, Nonsuch County School for Girls’ opened its doors to pupils on 3rd May 1938. The official opening ceremony took place on 20th June 1938.

Miss Marion Dickie was the first Headmistress.

Pastoral support

The advice and guidance of teachers enables students to make wise, informed and ambitious choices.

Teachers are experts in their fields and committed to bringing out the best in our students.

Not only do girls here achieve academic excellence but they enjoy contributing to the school and wider community. In taking part in sporting, creative and fund-raising activities they develop their skills of leadership, creativity and awareness of the world around them, for their whole development in preparing them to be perceptive and caring global citizens.

The pastoral support at the school by tutors and teachers helps girls and young women to manage themselves and their emotions as they move through adolescence and leave school as emerging adults.


The curriculum is broad and balanced and supports the students in developing their skills in Maths, Science, the arts, language and literature, sport and dance, humanities and languages.

It encourages young women in fields where they are currently under-represented and in which many of our students excel such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

They also encourage creativity in thinking skills and the arts as these are important areas in the UK economy and ones in which the UK is a world leader.

The humanities, English and languages develop skills of communication and analysis. Their emphasis on public speaking and debating helps the students become articulate communicators and hones their powers of persuasion.

The Music department can meet the needs of the absolute beginner to the Conservatoire and Oxbridge performer through performances by our numerous orchestras, bands, choirs, quartets, duets and soloists.

The flourishing Drama department with its school productions and impromptu performances and the Art and Technology departments host an annual Art Soiree.

Sport is equally valued at Nonsuch. Facilities including a full size sport hall, modern 25m indoor swimming pool, an astro pitch for hockey, netball and tennis courts and extensive fields for athletics, football, rounders and cricket are provided.

Nonsuch girls widen their horizons through travel abroad on school trips, most recently to New York, China, and several European countries and they are competitive fund raisers for charities locally, nationally and internationally.

Throughout its 80 years of existence, and now as part of the Girls’ Learning Trust, Nonsuch has striven to provide the best educational experience for girls to prepare them for their future life.

Aims & Values

The School’s aim is to empower the young women and enrich their lives to ensure they aspire to take their centre stage place in the world. The girl students here can enjoy learning, to become independent and effective learners and to achieve academic success in an atmosphere that fosters positive relationships and mental health, promotes equality and celebrates diversity.

They promote the values of positivity, respect, integrity, courage and endeavour. We want our students to engage with the local and wider community in the belief that they can make a difference.

Ofsted Reports

The 2017 inspection report

  1. This school continues to be good.
  2. The leadership team has maintained the good standard of education since the last inspection.
  3. Pupils told inspectors that they find their lessons interesting and that teachers link their learning to the real world.
  4. As a result, since the previous inspection, pupils’ attainment at the highest GCSE grades by the end of key stage 4 has consistently been above national averages. In 2016, provisional outcomes show that the school was in the top 2% of all schools for over all progress and in the top 5% for almost all subjects and groups of pupils

Safeguarding is effective

The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are detailed and of high quality. All pre-employment checks meet statutory requirements.

11 Plus QE Results
11 Plus QE Results

Inspection findings

The first agreed key line of enquiry focused on the quality of leadership and teaching in the sixth form. You have identified that although the proportions of students attaining A* or A grades by the end of Year 13 is high, it should be even higher, given the high starting points of students when they enter the sixth form.

Your actions to improve results and achieve consistency over time in the sixth form are having an impact. This is seen in the improving value added in, for example, A-level physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. You also use external information to compare your school’s sixth-form progress with other schools nationally. This shows that across a range of courses, students make at least good progress over time. However, in some subjects, including economics, geography and English literature, progress is not as high as it should be. There are also some inconsistencies years on year between subjects. Students, overall, make good progress in the sixth form.

We saw strong examples of pupils being challenged in key stage 3 and in history, physics and Spanish in the sixth form. We also saw some examples where teaching was not stretching pupils enough. Over time, pupils in key stage 4 make excellent rates of progress and attain at the highest possible grades across almost all subjects. The curriculum includes a range of courses, such as classical Greek, computer science and Latin, that pupils say are challenging them. For example, approximately 10% of the national entry for classical Greek comes from the school. Pupils read a range of challenging texts. They read with confidence, accuracy and characterization.

Policies of Nonsuch County School for Girls’

The school’s policies and procedures for the following areas are within “Behavior for Learning & Anti Bullying” policy:

The Girls’ Learning Trust The Girls’ Learning Trust (GLT) was formed in September 2015 and consists of three schools: Nonsuch High School for Girls, Wallington High School for Girls and Carshalton High School for Girls. All three are high performing, successful schools located in the London Borough of Sutton.As the only all-girls multi academy trust in the UK, our aim is to empower girls and young women by delivering a first class education and providing an inspirational start to their futures.


Our PTA is the Parents and Teachers Association for Nonsuch High School for Girls. Through the PTA, these groups (including staff) act together for the benefit of the school and its students.

We actively raise funds to support the school with a number of initiatives to enrich our children’s education, overall development and school experience. The events we run are also a great opportunity to bring parents together.

Examples of how PTA helps:

  • Fundraising (including running the 200+ Club)
  • Organising social events for both girls and parents – including the Year 7 parents’ social evening
  • Serving refreshments at a variety of key events/meetings
  • Selling second-hand uniform
  • Supporting the school and improving communication

Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust

The Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust was incorporated on 26 March 2010 as a charitable company, limited by guarantee.

The objectives of the Trust are to advance the education of the students at Nonsuch High School by supplementing the educational provision and facilities at the school so that all students benefit from an enriched curriculum, extensive extracurricular activities and an enhanced environment that supports learning.

The Trust acts as conduit for voluntary parental contributions made to the Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust make a very important contribution to the school and enable Nonsuch to provide the best education in the widest sense for all students.

Nonsuch also receives the profit from the community use of school premises and facilities currently managed by Nonsuch Business Enterprises Ltd.


Year 7 Admissions

Nonsuch High School complies with the Co-ordinate Admission Scheme which is administered by the London Borough of Sutton. Girls are normally admitted at age 11, when all pupils must have gained a selective place through the entrance test and placed Nonsuch High School on their Common Application Form, in order to be eligible for admission.

Our entrance test is broadly based on the KS2 curriculum and we do not consider it to be necessary for children to be tutored in order to gain access to the entrance test. We never allow 11+ tutoring companies in our schools.

Mid Term Admissions – Years 8 – 11

Mid Term Admissions will only be considered when the number of students in the relevant year group falls below the Published Admission number, who pass tests.

Sixth Form Admissions

The majority of our students in Year 11 continue with their studies into our school Sixth Form and priority will be given to existing students transferring from Year 11 provided they meet the entry criteria. We welcome applications from students from other schools at the appropriate time.


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