11 Plus Creative Writing Practice

11 plus Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a form of Writing where creativity is at the forefront of its purpose. Here the writer must use his imagination, creativity, and innovation to tell a story through strong written visuals. Creative Writing is probably one of many students’ most challenging sections of the 11+ exams. The reason is that you could not gather enough thoughts under tight time constraints during the exam.

Creative Writing for the 11 plus test is of two ways – you are asked to write an original story for the given title or complete a continuous prose exercise in the same writing style. Both types of tasks will examine your ability to plan, create and then write in a structured manner using good vocabulary.

Creative Writing is the main point of difference between most Grammar Schools’ tests and Independent Schools’ tests. Grammar School tests usually don’t include this section as their tests are of multiple-choice format. However, Independent secondary Schools do because humans mark the tests.

This makes the Private schools’ tests seem a little tougher than those of Grammar schools.

What topics could come up?

The possibilities of questions are within the following four categories:

1. Descriptive tasks – to describe a situation or a place

2. Persuasive tasks – to script a convincing speech like writing a letter or a complaint

3. Narrative tasks – to compose a short story

4. Expository tasks – to explain an article or set of instructions

Below is a list of creative writing titles that have frequently appeared in the past 11+ papers:

  • The Day Trip
  • Power
  • The Broken Window
  • The Abandoned House
  • Lost Boy
  • The Voice in the Darkness
  • The Garden
  • Sleeping

The examiner looks for :

  • Effective planning of the content
  • Creativity in presenting the topic
  • A ‘fluent‘ and exciting writing style
  • Correct usage of punctuation marks
  • Use of sophisticated words
  • Correct spellings
  • Sentences with good English grammar and vocabulary
  • A well-structured piece of Writing
  • The work is precise and simple

This is the crucial section that decides the child’s ability because the most important thing here is how you present your ideas on paper though you get good thoughts in your mind. Having an idea of how your story holds together and ends before you start writing gives you a sense of direction when you write.

The tutors can only give necessary guidelines for the children on how to carry out creative Writing. They cannot help in making your child start writing scripts and checking for reviews. The child himself should start building the features needed for it, like developing a sufficiently wide vocabulary and improving his style.

For this, self-practice and revision are a must. It is a good idea to revise for each different type of question that may occur in a creative writing task. Key things to remember while practising include grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

After writing a piece, a couple of days later, revisit it and think about how to improvise it. This process of self-criticism and correction allows children to develop their skills naturally.

11Plusehelp.co.uk has some guidelines and sample pieces in the Resources section so check out the resource: 11 Plus English Creative Writing Suggestions.

At 11PluseHelp, we have many synonyms, antonyms, and spelling tests to improve children’s vocabulary and spelling skills. Vocabulary learning is made easy with all-new Vocabulary My Flash Cards at 11PluseHelp.

Using Creative Writing Blog, the child can upload a creative writing piece. We publish the best Creative Writing pieces on our blog. This’ll encourage children to write a creative writing piece and improve their writing skills.

Note to all Parents and Children on Creative Writing: Please write as much as possible, and if you’ve more time, don’t stop with one paragraph. Try to put more paragraphs. This’ll improve speed in the final exam.

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